Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I actually got Valentine's made this year! Scarlett made some really cute things to send to her grandparents and uncles. We also made a lot of chocolate dipped strawberries for friends and neighbors. It was fun to spread the love!
Friday the kids and I dropped off a bag of Valentine's and candy with a bouquet of balloons for dad at Adobe. The tradition continues! Seth and I like to try to embarrass each other by making each other carry balloons around, and attracting all sorts of attention to the other. We had just left the goods at the service counter and he got to pick them up. We were sad we couldn't say hi, but he was in meetings all day.
On our way back home we stopped by AF hospital and visited my grandma. She had surgery earlier in the week, and needed to give her Valentine's. I'm so grateful everything went smooth and we could stop by for a quick hi during her recovery.

Saturday Seth and I got to go out for lunch to Shoga, yummy Japanese food! I'm lucky Seth love that place too! And we picked up some Valentine's for the kids. Lincoln got a Thomas the train ball (very bouncy!) and a super hero camera. Scarlett got some flowers and a box of chocolates from her daddy. She had told me earlier that morning that  a box of chocolates of her very own would be the best Valentine she could ever imagine!
 I LOVE what Seth got me for Valentine's Day. He got me one of these neat photo wall hangers a few years ago for Christmas, and it's always been one of my favorite gifts from him. He found this one that goes very well on our hall wall. I love it!! I filled it up with pictures I already had, but will need to get more of a variety in there. Lots of when Lincoln was a newborn and meeting him for the first time. Which is pretty cute to be reminded of often.

Lincoln needs to work on his "kissy" face, but he does give super sweet kisses!
Saturday night we went to our friend's, the Topham's and had pizza/cake and a great time just relaxing/visiting/playing games. Scarlett especially loves playing with those friends of hers!
I wish I had taken more photos of the fun holiday, but it was a fun holiday this year!

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