Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home Projects

Sometimes it's hard to believe we have lived in our home for over a year!
Sometimes I get frustrated we haven't done more to it, to make it more our own.
But I really enjoy the improvement we have made, and it really is so nice to have it as our own!!

Hardware on the Kitchen cupboards! Lincoln especially loves when the power tools come out from hiding!!!

We have a paint problem. I probably haven't posted about it. We haven't exactly figured it out yet, but we believe it is really cheap (maybe watered down) latex over oil paint - on our entire main floor. It scratches off, flakes off very easily in some parts. You can take a razor blade and literally shave off a whole layer with no effort, in some places. In others, it is too thin and it doesn't come off! Frustrating!! 
We had spent months and months scraping off these walls above the stairs. We finally sanded it down, washed it with TSP, Bonding primed it, and put two coats of paint on it. It was quite the process, and it still doesn't pass a good scratch test (with my nail). frustrating! We are using pain from Lowes, the 2 in 1. I guess we may just need to fork out the money and go to Sherwin Williams?

Overhead lighting!!! In our Living Room!!!

When my parents came in March, dad helped us with our overhead lighting project in the living room. 

Our roof is very flat, there is no crawl space. From ceiling to roof it is just 8 inches. It made it really difficult to get wires through the beams, without cutting the ceiling up. 

It took 5 1/2 hours for us to thread the first of two wires through the beams. Ugh. But we found a method using a 10 foot threaded rod and cheap curtain rod, to move the wire through. 

 Isn't it lovely!

It has made the biggest difference, and has brought so much happiness. 
Even though it took two days, I don't know how any other home improvement project could make me happier. 

Actually, new carpet probably would. 

Walk off the Earth

Walk off the Earth concert!!!!

 Seth and I have been following this group, Walk off the Earth, via YouTube. 

When Seth found out they were coming to Salt Lake, we most definitely needed to go see them live. They sound just as great live, as they do recorded. I absolutely love them!!

It had been a long time since we have gone to a concert, it was such a great time. 
We need to go to more!

Throw back Thursday

Three posts for Thursday.
Throwing this Thursday back to a day I wasn't prepared for.

 Back in mid February Scarlett (and a friend) found some scissors. Scarlett has cut her own bangs before, and I thought learned her lesson. But when her and a friend were playing so nicely in the basement while I was cleaning upstairs,

They were playing SO nicely.
 I should have known!

 They found scissors. and decided to cut each others hair. We had talked about cutting Scarlett's hair for her birthday anyway, but I was not prepared to cut it without mental preparation. I didn't know I was so "attached" to her long hair. I cried, and cried. Seth met us at the hair salon to be with Lincoln and Scarlett while I cried outside. Hahaha, it's funny now, but I was seriously so sad. And so tired. And not feeling very confident in other mothering skills.

It was so long!

I like it now, and it was a needed change. It's healthy and growing strong. 

Love her.