Friday, February 27, 2015

Face painting and A few Scarlett moments

We are having a friend party to celebrate Scarlett's birthday tomorrow. Aunt Kara is going to help out by face painting some adorable girls! So she gave the face-painting a trial run and Scarlett & Lincoln loved it!! We are sooo lucky that Aunt Kara is living with us right now and here to make life a bit more exciting!

Scarlett - "Mom, remember that one time I danced to the Nutcracker at dance class?"
Me - "yeeeess??"
Scarlett - " And it was soooooo beautiful!"
Me - "Of course ...."
Scarlett - "And you missed it."

whoops! Wasn't expecting that. She is dancing once a week and one of her friend's is in her class so we switch weeks taking the girls. This totally got me laughing though, I couldn't tell if she was bummed that I missed it or she just remembers how beautiful she danced and is proud.

Scarlett - "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a ballerina."
Mom - "You will be a really great ballerina!"
Scarlett - "And I want to be on the radio."
Me - "How would you get on to the radio?"
Scarlett - "Sssinging!" (as in, Duh! of course, for singing!"
Me - "Well we better start practicing....."

This morning we took donuts to Seth's work and the kids each had one at the store/finished in the car. Lincoln's hands were still "donut-y" and so he had his hands up away from his body so he wouldn't get anything dirty. The poor boy was dozing off too, falling asleep, but he just kept his hands up. Watching him head bobbing with his hands up was just too funny.

And if a song came on that had a great beat He would start dancing to the music. It was quite a struggle.

We were listening to the Disney Pandora station for kids and there were some princess songs that were lighter beat. But when a jazz song came on from The Princess and the Frog, and it was super loud, and both kids immediately started getting into it. Then this #3 baby boy started getting going too. And it was just one big dance party with my kids!

I've been much more busy this pregnancy, than with the others, since life is just more busy and more is going on. When we are in the middle of getting ready for the day, trying to get out the door, or eating dinner together as a family, etc and I feel this baby moving his way around inside me - it makes for a neat moment. Like he is saying "I'm here too mom!" A bond has been forming between me and this little guy and I am really looking forward to meeting him! 9 more weeks to go and hopefully he'll be here safe in our arms. I enjoy being with my little buddies at home and getting more excited to add another to mix!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I actually got Valentine's made this year! Scarlett made some really cute things to send to her grandparents and uncles. We also made a lot of chocolate dipped strawberries for friends and neighbors. It was fun to spread the love!
Friday the kids and I dropped off a bag of Valentine's and candy with a bouquet of balloons for dad at Adobe. The tradition continues! Seth and I like to try to embarrass each other by making each other carry balloons around, and attracting all sorts of attention to the other. We had just left the goods at the service counter and he got to pick them up. We were sad we couldn't say hi, but he was in meetings all day.
On our way back home we stopped by AF hospital and visited my grandma. She had surgery earlier in the week, and needed to give her Valentine's. I'm so grateful everything went smooth and we could stop by for a quick hi during her recovery.

Saturday Seth and I got to go out for lunch to Shoga, yummy Japanese food! I'm lucky Seth love that place too! And we picked up some Valentine's for the kids. Lincoln got a Thomas the train ball (very bouncy!) and a super hero camera. Scarlett got some flowers and a box of chocolates from her daddy. She had told me earlier that morning that  a box of chocolates of her very own would be the best Valentine she could ever imagine!
 I LOVE what Seth got me for Valentine's Day. He got me one of these neat photo wall hangers a few years ago for Christmas, and it's always been one of my favorite gifts from him. He found this one that goes very well on our hall wall. I love it!! I filled it up with pictures I already had, but will need to get more of a variety in there. Lots of when Lincoln was a newborn and meeting him for the first time. Which is pretty cute to be reminded of often.

Lincoln needs to work on his "kissy" face, but he does give super sweet kisses!
Saturday night we went to our friend's, the Topham's and had pizza/cake and a great time just relaxing/visiting/playing games. Scarlett especially loves playing with those friends of hers!
I wish I had taken more photos of the fun holiday, but it was a fun holiday this year!

President's Day home project

Seth can check another "honey do" item off the list! We have had the equipment for almost an entire year to install an exhaust fan in our upstairs bathroom. Today "we" got 'er done. All the credit goes to Seth and friend Brian, but I did clean up after it all. :)

I hear the "hole through the roof" step went rather well and was patched up nicely with the right tar stuff. The wiring step was a big confusing too, but with great help from dad, Seth got it figured out. I'm so grateful Seth's a handyman and Brian could come help a ton too!

Big Boy Bed!

We added a "big boy bed" to Lincoln's room a few weeks before Christmas. Lincoln didn't want anything to do with it though! He has loved his crib, and I have too! He sleeps so well and loves his naps. I was afraid that could change with the transition. When we asked him if he wanted to sleep in there he'd just say "ummmm, noooo." like "nah, I'm fine with my crib. so I don't want to change."

 And then last Wednesday, almost a week ago now, Scarlett and him were jumping on the bed and Scarlett asked him if he was going to start sleeping in the big boy bed. I didn't over hear his response but when it was bedtime, he didn't want in his crib. He told me to put him in the big boy bed! A big surprise to me, but he snuggled right in with his "choo choo", teddy, and puppy. And he just rolled over! It was so easy!
Seth was at church with the youth's mid week activities. I was excited for him to get home and we would check in on him together. But about 20 minutes after I left Lincoln I heard him flip his bedroom light on. I heard some "choo choo's" (he hits the right pitch every time with his sound effects) and knew he had gotten out of his bed for sure. 

But when Seth came home and we checked on him - his light was on, but Lincoln was tucked in just how I had left him. I turned off his light while Seth kissed him good night. But he had woken up and started tearing up .At first we weren't sure why, but I asked him if it was too dark. "yea" and he just lost it, crying. Poor guy is afraid of the dark, I knew that! So Seth got him a nightlight and we kissed him good night. He slept through the night no problems and has been going strong since! 
He even puts himself to sleep on his own for nap time!
 It's happened a few times now. I'll be doing something and realize I haven't seen him in a little while. And I find him snuggling his teddy napping in his bed, best boy ever! 

I know, I know. There is no way this active baby boy inside cannot be as amazing of a sleeper as my little Lincoln.

Just a few other stories about Lincoln from this past week:

I like to pop toes. I like my toes popped. No, I don't have a foot fetish - not one ounce of foot fetish. I have popped Lincoln's toes before. And tonight when I was loading his poor eczema legs up with lotion I was kind of massaging his toes/feet too. Then Lincoln got his serious/stern face look and said "No mom." But I was just trying to get rid of more of excess lotion. He gave me another "No Mom!"
"What bud? I'm just getting rid of all the lotion."
"No Mom, don't hurt me. Don't pop my toes."  (hahaha)
"Lincoln, I wasn't popping your toes."
"Yessss mom, don't pop my toes!"

Smart boy!

The other day I was tickling his tummy. Then he sat up and told me, "No mom! Don't tickle me. Baby! Baby in there." And he was pointing to his tummy. Smarty pants!!


Scarlett and Lincoln continue to become better best friends. It really helps when they enjoy playing together, I can get a lot done! Hopefully when baby comes, they'll continue to entertain each other so well.
I know, it's weird. But I love taking photos of my sleeping kids! I always go in their rooms to tuck them in extra tight before I go to sleep. And more often than not, snap a photo too :)

Ever since Scarlett was a newborn, I felt confident her personality was "perfect" for being a first child. I'm not sure that makes any sense.

Sometimes she tries to parent Lincoln, and I remind her who really makes the calls around here. But I appreciate it when she's in a "nurturing mode". Lincoln looks up to her a lot and trusts her completely. That is with lipstick, tutus, and princess shoes too!
Another boy will be a good thing around here. :)

I LOVE these two darling children.
And am so beyond blessed and grateful to be with them every day.


Our Groundhog's Day Tradition, 9 years old!

Every February 2nd, for the past 9 years, Seth and I have gone to the Malt Shoppe in Provo for a mint Oreo shake. Well... I think we have missed one year, and we perhaps have been up for a different flavor shake than Mint Oreo once or twice too. 

It all goes back to 2006 when I got an E-mail from Seth while I was working at the BYU Nursing Advisement Center as a secretary. 
We officially started dating exclusively that night. It's been a fun tradition. It's especially fun to reflect each year what has happened in our little family since the last Groundhog's day. The exciting addition that we are expecting #3 this year was mostly on my mind.

 The kids loved jamming to the Jukebox. Scarlett learned who Michael Jackson is. Somehow it came up that he has passed away, but he is a great music icon. Since this night she has asked me a few times if the song on the radio is "by the guy who died". (Bruno Mars - they do sound alike!)

I can't imagine my life could be any happier than it is now.
Good thing Seth sent me that E-mail and had the guts to just lay it all out there!
We like to drive by temples, and point them out to the kids. Scarlett often wants to get out and walk around. So we took a trip to the Provo Temple after our ice cream treats.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home projects and other randoms

Baby #3 has meant one big thing around this house lately - Nesting! I'm not sure I would actually consider this nesting, but knowing life is going to be changing in a few months has given enough motivation to stop procrastinating things I've wanted to change around here for a while! 

Specifically removing the wood burning stove from our fireplace! It should have taken 5 men to move this extremely heavy chunk of iron, but Seth got er done with friends Aaron and Ryan!

I love this fireplace, specifically the color of the brick against the "Distant Thunder" paint color. 
And I REALLY Love it now without the eye sore "stove"!!
 We added the bookshelves also, and Seth found a perfect Fireplace cover for it. LOVE. 

The Auto Show! 
 We took a family trip to the Auto show a few weeks ago. The kids obviously loved testing out the insides of the cars. I loved that we could check out so many different makes and models from all the different manufacturers. We will probably be in the market for a larger car sometime after baby comes. I'm not in a rush, but it's fun to think about and would be a good thing.
We had the 4runner worked on for a few weeks before Christmas and had a Honda Odyssey for a week. The space and sliding doors were really nice! But I think I'm just an SUV type of mom. I loved getting to see what our options are and am excited for that step when the time comes!
This photo really cracks me up! That girl is obsessed with owning a "car with no roof"! Whenever we see one in a parking lot or driving around she asks why we don't have one of those. I was happy she would get a chance to sit in one, or get behind the steering wheel. But she would have nothing of it! 
Fickle much?

Awwwww, Raja/Seth nap time.

Back to home projects - I enlisted my little sister Kara to help me finish scraping loose paint and then priming and painting 2 coats on our hallway/living room walls!!! I thought it would never happen! But I committed and we never looked back. 9 Hours and some extremely patient kids who eventually had paint on their PJs they wore all day.... it was done. 

Having this done has created a whole new motivation to do much more! We need to touch up lots of spots, and I want to paint the baseboards. But the next step is new carpet!!! For The Whole House! We are so excited to have one (or two?) kinds of carpet in this place, instead of the current 6 different styles/colors we currently have. :)

Between the two coats, I noticed a little red marker action on the bathroom door. Are You Kidding Me!?!?!?!?! I knew someone with blonde hair was the one to blame. There is no reason to ask the question "why" when it comes to kids.... But I was really, really trying hard to understand how it was possible her actions could make any sense to her in the moment! Argh.
Friday night fun. 
We went to the Haldeman's to play some Dr. Mario and eat some Clark's Island Donuts! Lincoln and Audrey were loving the donuts, and enjoying each other's company. It's fun to see the two interact with one another,

Super Bowl Sunday! Cousins joined us for some fun and food. Kara & Seth were so excited to wear their Katie Perry tour shirts! Seth saw the show last fall in San Jose (with work) And Kara in SLC last fall. Too Funny. I must say, she did an awesome job with the half time show!!!