Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 months! And General Conference

Sterling is 5 months old!
 He is such a fun sumo chunk to have in the family! 
He sits up, rolls back to front, LOVES his toes, and blowing raspberries.
 His siblings love him too!

I'm not great at taking these "month" pictures on the first of every month, but I did get it done on October 1st. And Scarlett & Lincoln helped me too. 

Sterling, LoVeS those toes.... Isn't this a yoga pose? "Happy Baby" 

Sterling got his first haircut last week. It was time, he had really long newborn hair and the rest was starting to fill in. I'm glad the clippers were in Seth's hand and I wasn't responsible for the outcome! He's a handsome fella! 

We have been soaking up the fall weather. It has been a little on the hot side, but Thursday night was perfect to just lay out on a blanket and look up at the blue blue sky.

And grab toes, of course. 
Our red roses keep blooming! I added the pumpkins on Thursday to officially welcome in fall, and walking home yesterday it just seemed like a good photo op.

Conference! Why is it that the older you get the more you want and NEED General Conference in your life But it's almost impossible to just sit down with your notebook and pen to enjoy and relax soaking in everything? Kids. Babies. Messy House. Dishes. Laundry. I should have seriously prepared better. 
But it was pretty awesome to hear about Elder Aoba's pottery during the first session. 

I didn't recognize it right away, but then I remembered while in my second area, on the island of Shikoku, The missionaries were asked to judge an English speech contest. And to thank us, they gave us each a piece of pottery from Elder Taichi Aoba! I didn't serve in Niihama, but we were in the same stake/zone. It's a beautiful dish he made!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Right Now

I have been meaning to blog for SO long! I have lots of posts I'm in the middle of and just need to finish. But I just took this photo of my 3 kiddos watching a Saturday cartoon and now forcing myself to blog it.

Since Scarlett started Kindergarten, no -since I had surgery the first part of August, no - since family came into town for Sterling's blessing, no - since we had weeks packed of appointments and assessments, no - since we had guests the entire month of May to welcome in our beautiful chunk of heaven Sterling... Yeah, since that happened life has been full. And the motivation to blog and document life has been left on the back burner.

Sometimes I just think - 24 hours in the day is plenty of time to get in what I need and want to do, really! But really you just have to take life one day at a time because you don't know what unexpected things will happen that create new needs and necessities of life. Like doing Scarlett's laundry because she peed the bed because she stepped on a bee and got her first bee sting on the bottom of her foot (so she said she couldn't walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night by herself and didn't want to wake anyone up. Really, that was considerate of her).
Or feeling terrible when Lincoln limps to me this morning saying his foot still hurts - massive splinter in the bottom of his foot. He must have gotten it while he was playing on Aunt Heather's would swingset (while Seth and I were installing a TV at Grandma's) and that is why he didn't want to put his shoes on to walk down to the movie on Adobe's lawn last night. But I made him anyway, and he didn't put up that much of a fight. So this morning we spent 20 minutes convincing him it needed to come out, and we needed to inflict more pain to get it out, and icing it to numb it so it wasn't so painful. Seth held him down, Scarlett held the light on it, and I dug it out. Ouch.
Just unexpected things happen... life just happens. Unanticipated events that take up time with comforting or cleaning. Or you use exhaust your brain thinking of tactics to distract the 3 and 5 year old from the pain they're in or to get them on board with the things that must happen.

Therefore blogging and documenting these fun daily events continues to get pushed back. But I want to be able to remember it all! Life is happening, and it's eventful in it's own ways, everyday.

And when I run up the stairs after putting laundry in and find this scene of content children on a clean floor (ignoring the mommy guilt that they're adding up their screen time for the day already) all is right in the world.

Now.... Time to get back to the hustle. Got to find that soccer uniform and get the car loaded... and wrap the baby shower gifts to drop by before Scarlett's game! It's go-go-go! (And Seth is out helping family put in a lawn, fun fun!)

PS - My Baby Just Rolled (almost all the way) Over! He has gotten really close for weeks now, but this time he almost has the arm out from under him - that's the hard part.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blast from the past - Journal

I was organizing the basement tonight and came across this gem.
It's my first journal entry after meeting Seth! So fun to read.

The next handful of entries have a lot written in Japanese. Just in case someone tried snooping, hahaha. I'm glad I can still read it and understand it! But, I'm thinking I should write it out in English because it may not take too long before I really forget.
I only wrote the goods about Seth in Japanese. So glad I wrote about him that day, Who would have though 9 years later we would be where we are at. Loving it all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby Prep

 My 3rd Trimester has gone pretty smooth! I'm ultimately so grateful my Blood Pressure has been so awesome and baby looks healthy as ever. He is a pretty active one, more like Scarlett was. Lincoln didn't move so "forcefully" as she did - or how this guy does.

 Early February I decided I was going to read the whole Book of Mormon before baby comes. So I found a "100 day schedule" and stuck with it. I got ahead of schedule and actually finished reading it last night. This picture, with my tums, is how most of my evenings have ended the last few months. I have such bad heart burn! On top of my daily antacid pill I'm popping a few of these Tums refreshers at night. Seth laughs every time I start burping - which is generally every night before I fall asleep. Tums are truly miracle pills though! I'm so grateful they are so effective and I don't have pain!! I'm sure my next trip to the dentist will not be good news though. The joys of pregnancy!

 He so does not want this photo in a public place, but it's adorable! I was painting my toes - and did a decent job for the most part, but half way through realized how ridiculous it was getting and he finished the job for me. What a kind husband!
 35 week photo
 I totally splurged and bought this beautiful diaper bag! I LOVE IT!! I cannot wait to use it. It's so stupid how expensive they are, but I used cash from Christmas/good-bye gift from work and have zero buyer's remorse. It has a built in crumb hole! Insulated bottle pockets! You can machine wash it! and I think it is the perfect size. Totally love it.
 This has been one of my views twice a week for the last 6 weeks. I have had lots of Fetal Non- Stress tests to monitor baby's movements in the office. It has been a good thing. and I've been taking the kids with me - they just chill and watch a movie while I watch baby's heart rate and feel him move. One week we had a hard time pinning him down, well that was a lot of times, but one time in particular he was a real stinker. And it seemed that his heart rate would decelerate when he was moving. So I went to Timp hospital, Labor and Delivery for monitoring. Of course  (once we found where to put the monitor on him) he looked great and the test went fast then. But it stressed me out a bit! They watch him for 20-30 minutes or until he has at least 6 moments when his heart rate is 15 beats above his heartrate baseline for a 15 second stretch.
 At 36 ish weeks I got motivated to make freezer meals! 3 doz breakfast burritos, 7 crockpot meals, pizzas (which are almost gone now), and 4 doz cookie dough balls. It is SO nice to have that done! And the most ready I have been in terms of a stocked freezer of go-to dinners/food.
 A few weeks ago this guy was breach. Actually, the day I had my NST and was sent to the hospital because we couldn't get him on the monitor - he was probably breach and the nurse didn't look with an ultrasound machine to make sure he was head down. When I came back a week later - he was head down again. I have no idea when he moved back and forth! I'm terrible at knowing what's what. Some women are so good at just knowing! But - in my defense - I wanted to show this photo from my 33week growth ultrasound. His head and feet are literally in the same spot!! He seems so scrunched, but I know he has enough room in there to not put that upon himself.
This was a breakfast photo - It's called "Haven't felt baby much since yesterday morning so lets get him going today!" yum.

The doctor group I was with since trying to get prego to Lincoln - was a Provo group. But this time I moved to the same "company" but a different group of doctors - the American Fork group. Reason being - Seth works in Lehi so he'd be closer if needed for appointments, etc. The last few weeks he has been able to come to the office for my NSTs/appts when they check me so the kids don't have to be in the room with me. The kids LOVE it! and I really, really LOVE it! :) I'm grateful he comes and appreciate that he is  "involved" in this way.
Another project that has kept me busy - Big brother, big sister gifts from baby brother. I saw these on Pinterest. I freezer paper stencil - painted the wording on the totes.
Can't wait for Scarlett to see the new water paints/markers with a sketch pad! she's so into making her own lists/pictures these days. and of course bubble gum for her bubble blowing entertainment.
I can't wait for Lincoln to put his "blue guy" cape on!!! With his blue shirt. Everything in his world is better if it's blue.
I saw these on Pinterest too. It was tricky since the Etsy shop seemed to be no more, I couldn't just order them. But I still enjoyed using my evenings to work on cutting out these iron-on fabric pieces with an Xacto knife.

Rag quilt for baby boy - I have made one for each one now. I love the colors and patterns on this one, it is a bit "busy" though. Did you notice my bump shot in the 2nd photo? Haha - I was leaning as far back over a table in that room as I could - to get the blanket in there. That is my 37 week "bump".
Laundry all washed/folded ready to fit in dresser drawers.

I had a "pamper" week two weeks ago. 37 weeks along. Scarlett came with me to get a pedicure! It was such a great mother/daughter date! She loved it, but got bored waiting since one guy did hers first and then mine. I love the flower they put on her big toes! Pamper week really rocked though - pedicure, then a last massage before baby comes, and a hair cut/color the next day. I've been pulling the prego card more this time than the others, for sure!

And then this last one.... 38 weeks pregnant.
Tomorrow I am 39 weeks pregnant. I am ready to meet this little guy! I can't wait to see him. I'm a bit anxious about getting him here, but just trying to keep busy and let time pass.  I don't remember being so worried with the others. Two more days. We can do this!


I love when General Conference weekend falls on Easter. In between sessions we went to an Easter Egg hunt at the Norris'! Scarlett was VERY into hunting for eggs this year. She wanted a challenge!

While dad was watching Priesthood Session of General Conference, Scarlett and I dyed eggs. Lincoln didn't want to have anything to do with it. He was focused on his trucks, but came around when we were about done.
We actually took a photo of every color egg. She wanted to make sure we got plenty of photos of the pretty colors that were created!
Easter morning the kids woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had stopped by!

Easter Bunny hid 5 purple eggs and 5 blue eggs around the living room. Scarlett still wasn't satisfied with the challenge though.

We spent most of Easter in Pleasant Grove with GG Unsicker's. GGma and pa set up a very awesome Easter Egg hunt, and Scarlett & Lincoln were the only littles there to enjoy it. After the eggs were found though Scarlett insisted someone still re-hide a dozen for her. 4 Easter Egg hunts for that girl - and she was finally satisfied.

Great form Lincoln - he took it so seriously too!
The kids enjoyed the commercial side of the holiday. But we also really enjoyed teaching them about why we celebrate Easter and how grateful we are to know Jesus lives! He was resurrected and fulfilled the ultimate sacrifice so we can return to our Heavenly Father. Scarlett said she already knew it all - she learned it in Primary. (So she doesn't need to be told again) 

The week before Easter Sunday the choir had their Easter Program in church. I had the opportunity to play my Oboe. I'm grateful for those opportunities - even though they make me very nervous and I feel so inadequate. "Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer" is a beautiful piece! The choir sounded amazing, I hope I didn't ruin it!? But during the program was one of the best times I had played it, so that was a plus. And at 34 weeks pregnant, I was just hoping I wouldn't pass out. 
But there was also a Woman's number, that I joined in with the choir and sang. It was called "Come to Jesus" and I love the line that was repeated - "Come to Jesus, when you're ready....". It takes off the pressure and the emphasis is He will be reaching when you are ready to reach back. It shouldn't' be something forced, but is a beautiful moment when one is ready to let Jesus back in their life and be humble to submit their will to the happy plan Jesus has to offer everyone. 

In March, the Young Women lessons were focused on the Atonement. I was so lucky to get to teach the month of March! I learned so much, especially about Grace. It had a great impact on me! March's teaching, reading The Book of Mormon again in the last 90 days, General Conference & Easter - all while relying on the Spirit for comfort throughout my great insecurities and anxiety this pregnancy - has been a great faith building period of time for me. I feel that I'm just babbling now - but I'm so grateful for what the Spirit has taught me these last few months!