Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lincoln lately

Handsome little Lincoln is bursting with independence and personality. He can play on his own for hours with a few trucks or "choo choo's". But he really loves playing with his older sister. They have become great friends. Lincoln is a submissive, sensitive and sweet boy. I love when I show him something I'm excited about he'll respond "Cool Mom" or "Woooow". He always has the perfect reactions to feel great. :)
    He is the most polite little guy, always saying his "please", "Thank you", and "you're welcome"s. He loves to pretend to be a puppy .... or a scary monster. But he just wants to be tickled or chased around the house when the scary monster comes out!
He absolutely adores his daddy. "Dad home?" is usually the first thing said in the mornings (after "Hi mom! I'm up!!").

Naturally cars look better in Scarlett's Disney princess jewelry box!
Poor Lincoln has suffered a few scratches from the oldest sister - Raja, our cat.
Raja really loves to sleep with Lincoln in his crib at night. And she gets a little territorial about the pillow space. It's frustrating that she can sneak in through his door opening from the kitchen. Poor boy takes it like a champ, but this is the second time she's done it in the last few months.

The other night he was wide awake at 10pm. Which is really not like him!! This boy loves his sleep! I really didn't mind, since I knew he'd sleep in the next morning, and it was really funny to see how energetic/crazy he was. Racing his monster trucks and wearing his fireman hat. He was a hoot!

He isn't in a hurry to grow up. We have a big boy bed for him, but he isn't ready to give up the crib for baby brother on the way. He sneaks that binky out of his crib, he knows the rule is only at bedtime. He likes to be at home, he's a complete home body. When we're out doing errands, he'll ask to go home. (But sometimes when we get home he's asking to go bye bye again.) He would have no problem letting us go out to do errands and he stay home to play with his toys.

This photo cracks me up. He had pulled his teddy and puppy out of his crib, got a sippy, pillow, his choo-choo's all set up on the living room floor and was ready to take his nap! He probably would have fallen asleep there, but we got him tucked in real quick. I love this sweet boy of mine!!!

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