Thursday, October 3, 2013


I haven't really ever seriously considered making our blog private from public viewing. But as I was updating the photos of my cute family tonight, I decided without any hesitation that our family blog needs to be private.

What a CRAZY world we live in!

It doesn't help I watch/listen/read the news so much. I'm a really paranoid person now.

I like to think of our family blog as a journal. Where I can write happenings down that can be shared with loved ones, good friends, and good people. I keep personal journals for myself, and Scarlett & Lincoln. But I like having a blog where I can write to close friends and family. Stuff I wouldn't necessarily share on Facebook.

I've been really, really lazy about a lot of stuff. But especially the blog. With General Conference around the corner, I feel a renewed sense of importance in doing things that "matter". To increase quality of life, instead of doing the day to day stuff.

Seth... is still never home. Working his BUTT off. Sacrificing so many endless hours and attention he would rather give to his children in a heartbeat, all to better our future. November 6th will be the half way mark of his Internship... We are going to PARrrrTay. He is a wonderful, wonderful man. Who loves me, and adores his children. I'm just grateful he loves working at Adobe. And they love him working there too. It brings a lot of peace in all areas of life when your spouse loves his occupation.

Scarlett.... Is going to marry Luke, apparently. After church one Sunday late August, she told me she was going to marry Luke. I didn't know who that was! So I texted a friend, and she confirmed Luke is in her nursery class. In fact, he is the son of the nice friend of ours who is watching Scarlett & Lincoln while I work two days a week. She gets really, really giddy talking about it. And she has no idea what it means to get "married".
She has dance lessons and goes to Pre-School just one day a week. She loves having friends over to play, and mom does too! Free entertainment!! She is obsessed with tea parties, and if Lincoln is anywhere near her current project (as in the same half of the house) it is the end of the world. Even though Lincoln has no clue what she's doing, nor is he interested... she insists that I hold him so he can't be near her stuff. Sigh. Siiigggggh.

Lincoln... still has my heart. Since June 15, 2012.... that little boy is my most favorite little thing to adore. (not picking a favorite child here, he is just ADORable.)
15 1/2 months old. Loves his mama. Has about 15 words (including a few signs). Loves to high five and "pound it". Says "peek-a-boo" the cutest way possible. Lives for bath time, and running around nakey nakey. He loves his daddy and to sing along with us at church or anyone else singing around him. Which is the cutest thing in the whole world.
Tonight he was snuggling with me and he would lean his head in so I'd give him a kiss. And then he'd do it again, and again. Seriously the cutest thing EVER. While he is sitting on my lap, he will take my hand in his and put it up to his belly or chest, so that I always have my hands on him. He just loves to be held and feel secure.
He loves to laugh. He loves to make others laugh. He loves to dance (spinning in circles with one hand up and falling down continuously. OR he wiggles back and forth.) He loves when Scarlett lets him play with her, and especially loves wearing her princess hooded bath towel, that has a crown on the hood. He think he is pretty darn cool wearing that.

I am still working. I love the friendships I have at work and my responsibilities. I love that I can fully trust the friend who has my kids in her care while I am at work. I don't mind my own chores as a mom, but will say it is harder to keep a house clean compared to an 800 sq foot condo. I miss Seth, a lot. A lot. But so grateful I married a hard working, enduring man.
I canned for the first time a few weeks ago! I've done Spaghetti sauce, Strawberry-Peach jam and Raspberry-Peach jam. And yes, I'm proud of myself.

Next Tuesday, the 8th, marks my TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of entering the MTC!!!! WOAH. It seems like a long time ago, but really it doesn't seem like a long time ago. At ton has happened within 10 years!

To celebrate, we are having the missionaries over for dinner tomorrow night!! I'm really, really excited. It will be the first time we've ever had missionaries over. I'm excited for the spirit they'll bring into our home! I wish we had an investigator or less active to join us, but maybe next time.

Welp, that's the update for now. Thanks for being interested to have an invite to our blog!