Monday, February 16, 2015


Scarlett and Lincoln continue to become better best friends. It really helps when they enjoy playing together, I can get a lot done! Hopefully when baby comes, they'll continue to entertain each other so well.
I know, it's weird. But I love taking photos of my sleeping kids! I always go in their rooms to tuck them in extra tight before I go to sleep. And more often than not, snap a photo too :)

Ever since Scarlett was a newborn, I felt confident her personality was "perfect" for being a first child. I'm not sure that makes any sense.

Sometimes she tries to parent Lincoln, and I remind her who really makes the calls around here. But I appreciate it when she's in a "nurturing mode". Lincoln looks up to her a lot and trusts her completely. That is with lipstick, tutus, and princess shoes too!
Another boy will be a good thing around here. :)

I LOVE these two darling children.
And am so beyond blessed and grateful to be with them every day.


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