Friday, February 27, 2015

Face painting and A few Scarlett moments

We are having a friend party to celebrate Scarlett's birthday tomorrow. Aunt Kara is going to help out by face painting some adorable girls! So she gave the face-painting a trial run and Scarlett & Lincoln loved it!! We are sooo lucky that Aunt Kara is living with us right now and here to make life a bit more exciting!

Scarlett - "Mom, remember that one time I danced to the Nutcracker at dance class?"
Me - "yeeeess??"
Scarlett - " And it was soooooo beautiful!"
Me - "Of course ...."
Scarlett - "And you missed it."

whoops! Wasn't expecting that. She is dancing once a week and one of her friend's is in her class so we switch weeks taking the girls. This totally got me laughing though, I couldn't tell if she was bummed that I missed it or she just remembers how beautiful she danced and is proud.

Scarlett - "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a ballerina."
Mom - "You will be a really great ballerina!"
Scarlett - "And I want to be on the radio."
Me - "How would you get on to the radio?"
Scarlett - "Sssinging!" (as in, Duh! of course, for singing!"
Me - "Well we better start practicing....."

This morning we took donuts to Seth's work and the kids each had one at the store/finished in the car. Lincoln's hands were still "donut-y" and so he had his hands up away from his body so he wouldn't get anything dirty. The poor boy was dozing off too, falling asleep, but he just kept his hands up. Watching him head bobbing with his hands up was just too funny.

And if a song came on that had a great beat He would start dancing to the music. It was quite a struggle.

We were listening to the Disney Pandora station for kids and there were some princess songs that were lighter beat. But when a jazz song came on from The Princess and the Frog, and it was super loud, and both kids immediately started getting into it. Then this #3 baby boy started getting going too. And it was just one big dance party with my kids!

I've been much more busy this pregnancy, than with the others, since life is just more busy and more is going on. When we are in the middle of getting ready for the day, trying to get out the door, or eating dinner together as a family, etc and I feel this baby moving his way around inside me - it makes for a neat moment. Like he is saying "I'm here too mom!" A bond has been forming between me and this little guy and I am really looking forward to meeting him! 9 more weeks to go and hopefully he'll be here safe in our arms. I enjoy being with my little buddies at home and getting more excited to add another to mix!

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