Monday, February 16, 2015

Big Boy Bed!

We added a "big boy bed" to Lincoln's room a few weeks before Christmas. Lincoln didn't want anything to do with it though! He has loved his crib, and I have too! He sleeps so well and loves his naps. I was afraid that could change with the transition. When we asked him if he wanted to sleep in there he'd just say "ummmm, noooo." like "nah, I'm fine with my crib. so I don't want to change."

 And then last Wednesday, almost a week ago now, Scarlett and him were jumping on the bed and Scarlett asked him if he was going to start sleeping in the big boy bed. I didn't over hear his response but when it was bedtime, he didn't want in his crib. He told me to put him in the big boy bed! A big surprise to me, but he snuggled right in with his "choo choo", teddy, and puppy. And he just rolled over! It was so easy!
Seth was at church with the youth's mid week activities. I was excited for him to get home and we would check in on him together. But about 20 minutes after I left Lincoln I heard him flip his bedroom light on. I heard some "choo choo's" (he hits the right pitch every time with his sound effects) and knew he had gotten out of his bed for sure. 

But when Seth came home and we checked on him - his light was on, but Lincoln was tucked in just how I had left him. I turned off his light while Seth kissed him good night. But he had woken up and started tearing up .At first we weren't sure why, but I asked him if it was too dark. "yea" and he just lost it, crying. Poor guy is afraid of the dark, I knew that! So Seth got him a nightlight and we kissed him good night. He slept through the night no problems and has been going strong since! 
He even puts himself to sleep on his own for nap time!
 It's happened a few times now. I'll be doing something and realize I haven't seen him in a little while. And I find him snuggling his teddy napping in his bed, best boy ever! 

I know, I know. There is no way this active baby boy inside cannot be as amazing of a sleeper as my little Lincoln.

Just a few other stories about Lincoln from this past week:

I like to pop toes. I like my toes popped. No, I don't have a foot fetish - not one ounce of foot fetish. I have popped Lincoln's toes before. And tonight when I was loading his poor eczema legs up with lotion I was kind of massaging his toes/feet too. Then Lincoln got his serious/stern face look and said "No mom." But I was just trying to get rid of more of excess lotion. He gave me another "No Mom!"
"What bud? I'm just getting rid of all the lotion."
"No Mom, don't hurt me. Don't pop my toes."  (hahaha)
"Lincoln, I wasn't popping your toes."
"Yessss mom, don't pop my toes!"

Smart boy!

The other day I was tickling his tummy. Then he sat up and told me, "No mom! Don't tickle me. Baby! Baby in there." And he was pointing to his tummy. Smarty pants!!

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