Tuesday, February 25, 2014


One thing I look forward to doing once Seth is home more after his internship is done... Is taking a Photoshop class! I don't know what I'm doing. I rely on YouTube tutorials and a co-worker of Seth's who is Photoshop savvy. But! I have been working on this photo to put in a frame over our fireplace.


  (cleaned up, lightened up, removed people/sidewalks/car/trees/lights, etc)

I'm just struggling fixing up the top of the temple, the lighting/levels through the upper level railing is suffering, badly. and I just haven't found the right fix for it yet.  (Both of my kids are yelling at me right now for help to open a door to let them back in from playing in the backyard, and one yelling from the crib because he is done with the nap. I'm so neglectful)

I want to attempt to remove the fence at the base of the temple as well.

Originally I was confident I wanted to buy one of those beautiful (super expensive) photos of the Nauvoo temple to go over the fireplace. But! Costco printing, $8 for a large size, done!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Other Valentine's holiday fun

Just thought I could post some more Valentine's photos. The kids and I joined the extended family at the annual Valentine's dinner. Seth was counseling up in Salt Lake, we really miss him during fun times like this. 
Scarlett posing with the infamous Waldorf Cake! Yum. 

 Louis & aunt Kara, uncleGarrett & Brooke
 Scarlett with sweet Uncle Devry
 Scarlett posing with our fun Valentine's. candy, animals, temporary tattoos. fun, fun, fun.

 Lincoln will not just sit in a shopping cart anymore, the good days are over.

 Lincoln & Scarlett scored $20 from gma/pa Burke to buy their own Valentine's! Scarlett chose some pink gum and a new princess tea set. Don't we have enough tea sets yet? Is it possible to have too many tea sets?

Lincoln & Scarlett also each got mail from Iowa! Gma and pa Hartley sent some fun coloring pages and cute homemade Valentine's, so thoughtful.

I really love this photo of Lincoln!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bad Dreams

Not a very positive title, but when Scarlett and I woke up and simultaneously walked out of our bedrooms at the same time this morning she looked nervous. She said she had a bad dream. There was a fire in her room, and she was in there with a lot of "good and bad animals". Poor thing, She didn't have anything else to say about it, but it sounds quite terrible.

I had a dream that my phone's screen shattered. I tried fitting the large thick pieces back together. Dreams feel so real, and can be so realistic when you are in them.  However, when you wake up from a bad one it's quite a relief when you realize just how unrealistic it was.

Both Scarlett and Lincoln would sometimes cry out in the middle of the night when they were newborn/infants. A sad/scared/in pain cry. But it would just be one cry, and while they were in the middle of what seemed to be a deep sleep.

On a brighter note, in this random documenting/journal post....

Tomorrow Scarlett is going to hand out some birthday invitations! She turns 4 on March 3rd. She has had two consistent requests for her party 1. it be an owl theme and 2. she wants a chocolate cake! She also only wants girls at her party. We are going to have it be a "drop off" party, so the parents aren't expected to stay. First time doing that, it will be a fun time!

I always enjoy creating Scarlett and Lincoln's Birthday invites, but I really have no idea what I'm doing! Which creates some frustrating long hours over something that seems so minimal only after it's done.  I can't wait for Seth to be done with his in
ternship, I want to sign up for a photoshop class. Then I can really learn how to work that program!!