Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Groundhog's Day Tradition, 9 years old!

Every February 2nd, for the past 9 years, Seth and I have gone to the Malt Shoppe in Provo for a mint Oreo shake. Well... I think we have missed one year, and we perhaps have been up for a different flavor shake than Mint Oreo once or twice too. 

It all goes back to 2006 when I got an E-mail from Seth while I was working at the BYU Nursing Advisement Center as a secretary. 
We officially started dating exclusively that night. It's been a fun tradition. It's especially fun to reflect each year what has happened in our little family since the last Groundhog's day. The exciting addition that we are expecting #3 this year was mostly on my mind.

 The kids loved jamming to the Jukebox. Scarlett learned who Michael Jackson is. Somehow it came up that he has passed away, but he is a great music icon. Since this night she has asked me a few times if the song on the radio is "by the guy who died". (Bruno Mars - they do sound alike!)

I can't imagine my life could be any happier than it is now.
Good thing Seth sent me that E-mail and had the guts to just lay it all out there!
We like to drive by temples, and point them out to the kids. Scarlett often wants to get out and walk around. So we took a trip to the Provo Temple after our ice cream treats.


  1. That's so cute! Technically, our first date was on Halloween 2002 at Tucanos, but we've never celebrated it. That's a fun tradition!

  2. Yum - Tucanos! I think that is definitely a place I would like to go to each year. "It's Tradition" is a great excuse to splurge there. You and Adam seem like the perfect match, so glad you found each other!! :)