Friday, October 19, 2012

a heart growing more fond

I've been husband-less for the last 3 weeks.

My little brother Garrett came home from serving a Latter-day Saint mission in California on October 1st, so I went with the kids to welcome him home in Iowa. We left on Sept 28, Seth headed to Scotland for work on Sept 29.

It was nice to be in Iowa with all of my siblings, nieces & nephews, and my beautiful parents for a week while Seth was gone. Scarlett didn't handle all of the action too well, which was pretty difficult for me the majority of the time. Lots of grumpiness. Which ultimately makes me sad because Scarlett is a very sweet, fun, and thoughtful 2 year old.

I was almost looking forward to coming back to Utah because of how difficult it was to parent Scarlett away from her routine.

We've been home here in Utah for two weeks now, trying to get back into normal life. It shouldn't take two weeks, huh? The first few days we were back Scarlett would make comments about being home to inanimate objects. Which is not too unusual, since she often talks to inanimate objects. (Seth calls it personification. I call it pure cuteness and entertainment.) "Cinderella!! we are home!!", "Oh! My Bike! Bike - We are home! Did you miss me?", and "Aw, Hi ball. You miss me? I'm home Ball!".

I was chatting with Seth on Gtalk today... which has been the extent of communication - texts or chats - since phone calls are too expensive and his internet at the hotel is too slow for Skype. We were talking about him coming home and I was trying to explain to him that not too much has been different around here with him gone.

Which sounds absolutely terrible. But really - I'm still doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. etc. But I get to do some extra things, like take out the trash and get the kids ready for bed Every night (Seth does the bed time routine a little more than half the time). And it isn't fun having to be the bad guy 100% of the time  - putting Scar in time outs and taking things away from her (scissors, candy, chapstick, etc). So things have generally been about the same.

But actually - this place is completely different around here with him gone.

Just his presence, as the husband & dad, makes this place completely different. There's always a feeling that something isn't right, something is missing. When Seth is gone I realize how much he contributes to our lives in non-physical ways. We're excited to have him back with us!

 I will also note - I had to kill two HUGE bugs on my own in our home. Which were absolutely disgusting. And he wasn't even here to see me scream and freak out at them. ALSO - I cannot stand going to sleep alone, I slept with the hall light on each night.

In other news, Lincoln had his 4 month check up on Monday. He's a healthy  and happy boy!

25.5 in tall(70%ile)
14 lbs (23%ile)
16in head circumference (22%ile)

I'm positive the length it's wrong, the nurse marked from the bottom of his foot to the end of his hair, hahaha.  (His hair sticks up a bit). Lincoln is such an incredible baby. He is so happy and easy!! He sleeps so well through the night, smiles and laughs a lot. Hardly ever cries, and when he does - it's pretty cute. He loves blowing raspberries, and getting better at tummy time. He likes watching his sister dance and seems to have a shy side to him, that gets bashful when you insist on getting his attention. Love Him. 

So lucky to have these two guys in my life! And just as lucky to have our sassy 2 year old Scarlett too. The other day a lady asked her how old she is, She thought about it for a little bit and I told the lady that Scarlet is two but tells people she is 3. Scarlett finally said, "Yea, I'm 4 years old now! I was 3, but now I am four!"  love her.