Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Home projects and other randoms

Baby #3 has meant one big thing around this house lately - Nesting! I'm not sure I would actually consider this nesting, but knowing life is going to be changing in a few months has given enough motivation to stop procrastinating things I've wanted to change around here for a while! 

Specifically removing the wood burning stove from our fireplace! It should have taken 5 men to move this extremely heavy chunk of iron, but Seth got er done with friends Aaron and Ryan!

I love this fireplace, specifically the color of the brick against the "Distant Thunder" paint color. 
And I REALLY Love it now without the eye sore "stove"!!
 We added the bookshelves also, and Seth found a perfect Fireplace cover for it. LOVE. 

The Auto Show! 
 We took a family trip to the Auto show a few weeks ago. The kids obviously loved testing out the insides of the cars. I loved that we could check out so many different makes and models from all the different manufacturers. We will probably be in the market for a larger car sometime after baby comes. I'm not in a rush, but it's fun to think about and would be a good thing.
We had the 4runner worked on for a few weeks before Christmas and had a Honda Odyssey for a week. The space and sliding doors were really nice! But I think I'm just an SUV type of mom. I loved getting to see what our options are and am excited for that step when the time comes!
This photo really cracks me up! That girl is obsessed with owning a "car with no roof"! Whenever we see one in a parking lot or driving around she asks why we don't have one of those. I was happy she would get a chance to sit in one, or get behind the steering wheel. But she would have nothing of it! 
Fickle much?

Awwwww, Raja/Seth nap time.

Back to home projects - I enlisted my little sister Kara to help me finish scraping loose paint and then priming and painting 2 coats on our hallway/living room walls!!! I thought it would never happen! But I committed and we never looked back. 9 Hours and some extremely patient kids who eventually had paint on their PJs they wore all day.... it was done. 

Having this done has created a whole new motivation to do much more! We need to touch up lots of spots, and I want to paint the baseboards. But the next step is new carpet!!! For The Whole House! We are so excited to have one (or two?) kinds of carpet in this place, instead of the current 6 different styles/colors we currently have. :)

Between the two coats, I noticed a little red marker action on the bathroom door. Are You Kidding Me!?!?!?!?! I knew someone with blonde hair was the one to blame. There is no reason to ask the question "why" when it comes to kids.... But I was really, really trying hard to understand how it was possible her actions could make any sense to her in the moment! Argh.
Friday night fun. 
We went to the Haldeman's to play some Dr. Mario and eat some Clark's Island Donuts! Lincoln and Audrey were loving the donuts, and enjoying each other's company. It's fun to see the two interact with one another,

Super Bowl Sunday! Cousins joined us for some fun and food. Kara & Seth were so excited to wear their Katie Perry tour shirts! Seth saw the show last fall in San Jose (with work) And Kara in SLC last fall. Too Funny. I must say, she did an awesome job with the half time show!!!

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  1. So exciting to get those projects done! And they look great! I loved reading all your recent posts! We need to get together, soon, it's been too long.