Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scarlett lately

Scarlett turns FIVE in one month!! She registers for Kindergarten next Monday!! She keeps us on our toes and always wants to know "what's next" every minute of the day. She is the best big sister, and a great help for me around the house. She's confident, brave, but oh so sensitive at surprising moments. She just loves life. She loves people and nature all around her. I love her excitement for life!

A few weeks ago she gave a talk in Primary. This was her second talk, she wrote it all down with Seth and did a great job sharing it with her primary friends! This was her talk:

theme: we believe in God the eternal father and in his son jesus christ
Dad: what do you know about heavenly father?
Scarlett: he gives us snow, Jesus created the world, he also created our houses, and our presents, our pictures and our tables and our trees, mountains

Heavenly father made everything through Jesus who helped him do it.  Things like trees, mountains and our family.  Jesus did what heavenly father asked of him.  He listened to his dad and did what he wanted him to the first time.
I know heavenly father loves me because i can feel his love.  I feel warm in my heart and tummy when we talk about Jesus and heavenly father.  I can feel his love through music and the primary songs that we sing.   
I know heavenly father loves me and you!
in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN

I love this photo of Seth and Scarlett both singing together, "I am a Child of God"

Scarlett is still loving dance class. Once a week, and with a friend from the neighborhood. I really do like the studio she is going to. She is having a lot of fun and really loves the "free dance" songs. She really likes to exaggerate her moves when I'm watching through the window, she never disappoints!

Her favorite friend to have over is Clara!! I love having Clara over too! They play so well together, mostly giggling, and entertain each other easily for hours. 

Scarlett spotted this car when we were out driving last summer. I just found it on my phone, but when she saw this, she was speechless. I love it too! It was just Scarlett and I in the car and we loved following it for miles absolutely adoring it :)

I am so grateful Scarlett came to our family! I can't imagine a day without that sunbeam!

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