Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Our #3

I haven't blogged at all about expecting our third. We agreed in June that we were both ready for another child to join the family and that became a reality mid August! I had taken a super cheap pregnancy test one morning and thought I had seen a very faint positive. I rushed off to work and I couldn't keep my mind off it all day. So I left early and picked up a nifty pack of pregnancy tests with some chocolate to eat for the occasion. (makes me laugh now.) But these ClearBlue tests are pretty crazy! They somehow detect how far along you are. I knew I was just barely pregnant, but with 3 in the package (and thinking this was most likely the last time we'd be in this situation) I went all out!

I couldn't keep it from Seth long enough to come up with some special way to share the news with him. I just showed him the positive test! 

Here's my "I'm pregnant and no one else knows!!" Selfie.
One week later -
Two weeks later -

This pregnancy has definitely been a different experience than the others! Morning Sickness, loose ligaments/hips, and the awesome Relaxin hormone going full force. Indigestion/heartburn is full force right now at 27 weeks! Antacids plus tums are a must :)

I had an ultrasound at 6 1/2 weeks to make sure the bean was in the right spot (Since I've had an ectopic pregnancy before). I also had one at 8 weeks to check the due date measurements again. And then a quick one again at 12 weeks to find the heartbeat and make sure all is well! I've grateful for so many chances to get to see the baby's development! Seth and I went to an ultrasound done at a facility I work for, just before Thanksgiving. I just couldn't wait any longer to find out  if it was a little guy or gal! And so we watched out little GUY squirm around for a long time. 

This was my Halloween Costume this year :) I painted using freezer paper as a stencil, it turned out awesome! This was how we also announced publicly (on Facebook) that we are expecting another little one. It was fun to receive so much support from lots of friends and family!

Unrelated, but wanted to share these amazing cinnamon rolls I made! This was my first time ever making them and they were so amazing. I'm sure if I tried making them again they wouldn't turn out as great, But it's worth a try!

I took my glucose screening at week 24. I thought this was really early, but apparently doctors prefer between 24-28 weeks. I have changed OB groups this pregnancy, and this is how they roll. I'm glad I easily passed and didn't have to go through the actual test!
This is the only Prego belly shot I've actually taken so far. I feel like I'm as big now as I was when I was full term with Scarlett!!! I'm excited my 3rd trimester starts next week! It's going by fast, and I'm focused on enjoying every moment of it all. Life is a lot more busy than when I was pregnant with Scarlett and Lincoln, so it's all going much faster. I am really excited to meet the little guy, but am fine with him taking his time to get here!

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