Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're Alive!

So... we're having a fantastic 2012 so far!

Seth is in his last class before starting his internship, the last leg of his grad program!!! However, we don't have an internship, yet. And can't really say we have tried finding that internship quite yet. Yes, he is suppose to start it in a few weeks. Um - yes, that can be a problem. So much has been going on. We will work it out.

Scarlett is TWO!!! Yea, that happened 3 weeks ago. That is crazy to me!! She is a sweet and sassy two year old who gets cuter every single day. I can't stand it. She talks so much, makes sentences, and expresses feelings. Her little voice is the cutest little girl voice in the world. She has a very tolerable two year old personality. Sure she has her tantrums, but I would too in that little body with big emotions. I'm nervous about the new stages in her development as far as teaching consequences and disciplining. I'm not quite sure yet what the best way to discipline her is. I should read some books on it. I'm grateful she can understand the majority of what I say to her and that she shows that she loves me.

I am getting bigger - as far as growing a baby boy in me. It's been a very easy pregnancy so far. Just like with Scarlett... I haven't had hardly any sickness or difficulties. However, I can tell that my body isn't in as great shape as I was with Scarlett. I seem to get tired more easily, etc. But I'm grateful I haven't had a lot of aches and pains, etc. Scarlett loves going to the sitter's twice a week still... which is so great for me. It makes it easier on me to go to work part time still. I enjoy my job and responsibilities at work, and the friendship I have with my co-workers. It's a big blessing in my life to be able to work part time and so close to home while my daughter is being well taken care of by people I trust.

Baby boy is alive and kicking! I feel like he has a mild temperament and will be a sweet little guy. We are really struggling with finding a name for him. We have one, maybe two name possibilities. It's must more difficult to find a boy name for us though. Open to suggestions! :) I've been in serious nesting mode already. I want to change our entire apartment, which is not okay with the bank account. But little things here and there are very satisfying to organize and improve.

I need to post about Seth's business trip to India, he was there from the end of Feb until last Saturday. What a sweet, awesome experience that was for him!! While he was gone Scarlett and I flew to Iowa to be with my parents. We were actually hit by an underage drunk driver in the middle of a Saturday afternoon (Scarlett's birthday) just a few days into our 2 week stay. Which completely changed our "vacation" to insurance claims/hospital and doctor visits/taking care of my parents. They were injured the worse in the accident. I'm so glad Scarlett was safe in her car seat. And I'm grateful my parents will be ok and should make a full recovery... eventually. It was quite the 3 weeks I will have to document soon.

But I'm going to go clean and tidy up this home a bit more, it's driving me nuts! :) Just wanted you to know we're alive... in case you were still looking or reading this blog anyway. haha, I'm sure not many do.