Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scarlett turns 1 !!!

Happy Birthday Scarlett!!

I cannot believe my baby is one year old. It is fun to think back about what Seth and I were doing a year ago today. It was the best day of our life together so far.

Our little miss was born at 12:36am on 3/3/10. Weighing in at 7 lbs and a whole 21 inches long, we were in awe at this new gift in our lives. She was such a sweet newborn.

And now our blonde, toddling daughter is a whole year old!

Scarlett loves :

**Laughing at Raja

** Snuggling with Raja

**Chasing Raja

**Playing with Raja (our cat)

** Looking at books

**Walking around with clothes on her head

**Trying to put shirts on.

**Following mom and dad around the house

**Talking to herself ... and others.

**Thing 1 and Thing 2(Dr Seuss)

**Music. Dancing to music. Directing music.

**Shaking her head no and nodding “yes”

**Clapping her hands, especially to pat-a-cake

**Giving High Fives!

**Being on dad’s shoulders

**Playing “So big” with dad in front of the mirror


**Playing with Cousin Preston

**”Attacking” mom or dad when they least expect it

**Being outside, and going new places – it really gets her excited to walk into a store!

** She LOVES, loves Church and Primary!!

** She gets very excited to see kids or other babies, any child she sees is her best friend.

**Raggedy Ann and her baby doll.

**Electric outlets – we really have to watch her closely in new places

**Climbing stairs

**Baby Einstein

**Yogurt and multigrain cheerios – together.

Things that don’t really fly with Scarlett:

- Brushing her teeth.

- Crawling

- The process of putting on clothes – her head is so big, it’s hard to get shirts on!!

- People touching her toes and feet. She hates it!

We love discovering more about Scarlett’s personality as she learns new things. She is a happy girl, who seems to love the world around her. She is easy to laugh, Claps when she is so happy, and loses her breath in excitement. She is independent and explores, but is very logical and cautious. Well, she is getting more brave when it comes to walking. Each day she can get around faster and faster. She's growing pretty fast!

She is getting her first haircut today. And we're taking birthday photos at Fotogenix. I hope she is happy for these new big things! We are celebrating with family and friends on Saturday. But really it's just going to be a party for the rest of the week and all weekend long.

She is cute

The cutest girl ever.


  1. SHE'S PERFECT!!! Congrats on making it through year one!

  2. She is such a good little girl! Can't wait to see her haircut and pictures! ;-)

  3. I seriously CAN'T believe she is a year old. That year flew by - Rylee will be a year in a little less than 4 months. Crazy. She is so cute!