Monday, March 21, 2011

A wedding, Family, and seriously sick.


A few Fridays ago, the 11th we went to Vernal for Seth's cousin's wedding. Aubrey and Preston came along for the road trip. We were contemplating just going another 45 min or so to visit a Dinosaur museum in Colorado, but not enough time. Haha, that's how far East we were!

The wedding was beautiful, everything was decorated so pretty. It was a nice ceremony too, RaeAnna's husband's uncle was able to perform the marriage. A lot of people came to support the happy couple!

Scarlett and Preston had fun running around and playing with each other. And Scarlett enjoyed getting a hitch in her stroller by the cute flower girls and her other 2nd cousins. We drove home after the reception, It's a beautiful drive!

* Family *
My family came into town on the 12th! It was my little sister's spring break, and the annual family scrapbook weekend. I didn't scrapbook this year, but helped my mom with just a few small things. Dad, Mom, Alicia w/ her kids Ellia and Beck, and Kara came for the week! It was sooo nice to have them in town and spend every day with them while they were here.

We spent a lot of time at my grandparent's house, in Pleasant Grove. I went out every morning and stayed until late in the evening every day.Scarlett loved playing with her cousins. Olivia is 4 1/2, Ellia 3 1/2, Gage is 2, and Beck is almost 20 months. She got around just fine with them all. They were nice to her too. Scarlett mastered going down stairs on my grandparent's carpeted 25ish stairs that lead to the basement. I guess one day when I was out with my sisters she ventured down them on her own, tumbled down... luckily it was on her bum? No one really saw but she didn't cry! I am glad Seth taught her how to go down properly a few nights later.

I failed at taking quality photos, always a regret. The week was busy chasing around 5 little ones, and we did a lot of fun things together. Sunday family dinner at Ben and Melissa's, Grandkids professional photo shoot, Went to Tangled at the cheap theater, Bowling, lots of shopping, ice cream, more shopping in Park City, playing with kids, scrapbooking, and out to eat at Tepanyaki with no kids, just us adults.
I found her this super cute hat for cheap, and sunglasses too... Here she is modeling them for us. I love her shirt, we found it at Saver's just in time for St. Patrick's day (which is when these were taken).

I really don't like when my family leaves town and I don't know when I'll see them again, it's the worse. I always fight tears saying "see ya later". It's really hard being so far away from most of them, I would love to move back to the Midwest.

They headed out Friday for their long drive home, and we returned to real life.

* Seriously Sick *

Scarlett started coughing Wednesday night and by Thursday late afternoon she was running a fever. Poor girl. She has had a pretty consistent fever ever since then. Saturday her fever wasn't going away with Tylenol and she was just miserable. You know your toddler is sick when they're okay to just sit on your lap, not moving for hours at a time.

Off to the after hours clinic...

The use this tape to keep the monitor on her foot when they check her oxygen levels. They gave it to her to play with before leaving the room and his sweetheart was trying to put it back on her foot! Smart little one, isn't she?The doc told us she has RSV and gave us the option of going to the suction clinic at the hospital. We decided it shouldn't hurt, hopefully it would make her better.Talk about torture! A respiratory therapist just did a shallow suction because Scarlett's sinus' really haven't been too congested. It is so sad, as a mom, to watch your baby get suctioned. They lay her on a blanket, tuck her arms in so she can't move, and then the parent holds the legs as the therapist suctions out their sinuses. Poor Miss. We went home and went to bed w/ a temp of 102.8.

Sunday... she woke up more wheezy with her fever. We took her to the suction clinic, and they didn't get much out. She had a fever throughout the day, even with alternating Tylenol and Motrin.

This morning she woke up with a temp of 103. We went back to the doctor. I'm glad Scarlett's pediatrician was available, she gave us the attention we needed. Since Scarlett's fever has been going on 5 days now, there had to be something more going on.

Scarlett has been so miserable, it was so sad to have to put her through everything this morning! It was pure torture!! You know all the poking and swabbing and tools that come along with an exam. She screamed the entire time. Poor thing. Diagnosis? The RSV test came back positive. RSV is a virus that can progress to bronchiolitis and/or pneumonia. After listening to her lungs and breathing it was clear she has bronchiolitis. Scarlett's right lung seemed to have more congestion, so we did a breathing treatment, which helped some. But our doctor was still concerned about congestion in her right lung. So we went and had a chest Xray done in Provo.

At this point I was pretty concerned. I did not want my baby to have pneumonia! I've never had it, and I just think of hospitalization when I hear pneumonia. Also, my little Scarlett is little, it was scary! At this point it was 11:30, way past her morning nap time. She was so mad at me and had been through enough, but at the Xray place I had to hold her still on the table for them to xray her. It was so sad to use everything I had to hold her down and as still as possible as she wailed and screamed.

After the Xray we picked up her Nebulizer at the home care clinic place. . Yay! Breathing treatments every 4-6 hours again until she gets better. Since we were right there at the Provo hospital I took her in for another suctioning. I really wish Seth was there, this was the most traumatic part of the day.

The previous two suctions they really didn't get much out of her. But I wanted to go in again b/c at this point I am going to do anything to prevent her from getting worse and developing pneumonia. Scarlett started screaming right when we entered the treatment room, she definitely remembered the previous visits. The Therapist said she wouldn't suction Scarlett unless she felt it was absolutely necessary. After getting her oxygen levels, respiratory rate, listening to her breath, and she had some retraction, the therapist said Miss definitely needed to be suctioned.

I tear up just thinking about this experience again. Ugh! She got strapped in the blanket, I had to hold her body down and hold her head still. . . I had the ipod playing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Kamakawiwo╩╗ole style. . . And the deep suctioning began. Scarlett's eyes rolled back into her head, she couldn't breathe, she was gasping and gagging and just not breathing. I got really mad at the lady and said she couldn't breathe, and then I just lost it... bawling. The therapist assured me she was okay... and Scarlett went back to just screaming. Then the lady stuck her tubes down the other nostril and the same thing happened... Scarlett's eyes were blood shot, face red, sweating, screaming, etc. It was absolutely terrible. But then all of the sudden Scarlett was calm and just breathing so easily. She was OK. And the therapist came around the table to comfort ME. :) SIGH It was terrible. Seth is taking her next time!!

That was the last thing on the list for her torturous morning. We got home, got the antibiotics started and she went to sleep. Poor Girl! I got a call from the Doctor's office about her Chest Xray and she does have Pneumonia. Luckily it's mild, she has a small patch of pneumonia that should be cleared up with the antibiotics. I was so terrified she would have pneumonia, but she will be okay.

Later I made Seth come home from work early so he could force her to drink. She's mildly dehydrated, and will not take a bottle/sippy cup/Popsicle/her favorite water bottle. The nurse explained she should get at least a teaspoon or two every 10 minutes. And we'd need to pry her mouth open if that's what it takes. TORTURE!!

Scarlett got another blessing tonight. I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood on the earth today. I saw an almost immediate difference in Scarlett. She's been very shaky, pale, can't walk on her own. She wouldn't leave our laps for days and just moans or cries constantly. Tonight she was rolling the basketball around, playing with Raja, lind of walking around, pulling out the DVD's! And She hasn't had a fever this evening, at all. I'm hopeful she's just going to get better from here.

We love our miss, and are grateful there are so many medical options to help her get better. She is so sweet, and so cute. We are a happy family!

I love this picture :) She got this bikini from a friend for her birthday, we had to try it on :) This summer she's going to be a babe at the pool.

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