Monday, March 28, 2011

Please Vote!

My Brother and Sister-in-law have entered their little boy in a baby photo contest.

This is my Nephew, Gage. There are a lot of adorable kids entered in this contest, but I promise it's not worth looking through the other contestant's photos! This little boy has the most handsome face of them all.

Would you please Vote for him?
To vote - click HERE.

The winner gets a swing set. And my brother's little girl and this little boy really need a swing set. In fact, they've wanted one for a long time. For the last few summers my niece, almost 5 years old, has begged her dad and grandpa (my dad) to build her a swing set... but it hasn't been able to happen yet. Help their dreams come true!!

In order to vote you do need to register your E-mail, because they only let you vote once. But you don't receive any spam or even a confirmation E-mail, promise! So here are the steps...

1. Click on this link...
2. Click "Vote Now"
3. Enter your E-mail address <- don't worry, they don't send you anything or use it at all.
3. Click on circle # 324 . . .and enter your name/ gender / birthdate / zip code. Also, be sure to answer the three questions "no" to make sure you don't receive any unwanted e-mails.

Thanks for helping out and voting!! I have the best family and friends ever, Thanks!


  1. Okay. I voted. Good luck kiddos.

  2. I remember this little guy - still can't get over how stinking cute he is!! I will definitely vote!