Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scarlett's Birthday part 1

Seth is working the weekend night shift this week, so he actually got work off for Thursday, Friday and next Monday! Scarlett's birthday... she started the day with the breakfast of champions... Multi-grain cheerios with yogurt. Mmm Mmm.

After her morning nap, she had her first hair cut appointment. My hair lady, Sarah, at Salon Graffiti cut it for us. I was nervous Scarlett wouldn't sit still enough for Sarah to cut it well, but she did pretty good. She didn't move around like crazy, but wasn't exactly still either. We cut off a few inches in the back, to make it all even with the rest of her hair that grew in after she was born. And she has very "thin" bangs, I think it looks amazing! I was pretty sad to get it cut at first, but it was time to make it all even. I'm pleased with the outcome and glad we did it. We saved most of what was cut off, to put in her baby book. Here are some before and after photos.
Late afternoon, we did a mini photo session with Fotogenix. It was a pretty good deal, we got a 30 minute shoot, they touch up the photos, and gave us a CD with about 20 photos on it with full rights to the pictures. All for $85. We bought the cupcake from Cupcake chic next door to Fotogenix, brought some balloons along for some help making the photos more birthday-ish.They look amazing. Which is Amazing... because Scarlett was Not Happy throughout the half hour!!! It was a difficult first experience for her. She cried a lot, wouldn't stay in place, just wanted to be held by Seth or I. But somehow, they gave us a CD of 26 good looking photos. A gal named Salena was our photographer, and she did awesome.

Seth then had to go to class. . . Scarlett and I ran a few errands and hung out at home before she went to sleep. It was a good day for her! I went in to look at her one last time before I went to sleep, and had to take a picture... I've never seen her sleep this way before. She was pooped!!

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  1. She is such an angel and you did an amazing job with the party! Seriously, it was super cute. Congrats on your sweet 1 year old! :)