Saturday, February 26, 2011

Target's Dr. Seuss reading time

This morning Miss and I headed to Target for some reading time. We brought her sleeping buddy, her "blanky", Thing 1 and Thing 2 along for the fun. Scarlett got this 'thing' as a gift beginning of last summer from Aunt Amy and Uncle Jake, and is in love with it. It's her best friend, and is actually the theme of her birthday party next Saturday. I think it's pretty cool they had this random Dr. Seuss reading activity at target! I've been looking for Dr. Seuss party supplies, etc for the last few weeks and this activity just appeared. We were at Michael's looking at frames yesterday, and they had a little section of Dr. Seuss stuff, so random! But I got a few things for her party next week. I know she won't remember thing about her first birthday, but they say it's more for the parents (or mom) than the baby... I've had a good time so far preparing for it!At target, she got a little baggie with snacks, crayons, pictures to color, a balloon. We listened to a few Dr. Seuss books, ate goldfish, and snuggled with "the things". It was a sweet Saturday morning.Too bad this is blurry, it was a cute one of her loving "the things". Now if we can just convince dad to come outside w/ us to build our first snowman before the snow melts!

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  1. I can NOT believe she will be a year old in just a few days. Time goes by way too fast and you don't realize just how fast until you are a parent. What a fun theme - hope her party is lots of fun!