Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday part 2

We had quite a celebration for our first child's first birthday on Saturday. It was fun to "study" fun ideas for her Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme. Here are some photos of the apartment before the party began. I found some cute Dr. Seuss quotes to put around the apartment to try to stick to the theme. Also, we got some 1 hour prints done of her photo shoot that was Thursday, and put them in our new frames around the living room mirror.
"Today you are you,
That is truer than true.

There is no one alive
who is youer than you"
- Dr. Seuss

What do you do for a 1 year old's birthday? We had some Dr. Seuss word finds, and a "How many jelly beans are in this jar?" Guessing game, winner got to take the candy home (Bethany won it!).

"If you never did, you should.
these things are fun, and fun is good!" -Dr. Seuss.
We served chips/salsa, apples/oranges, and smokies wrapped in bacon.
"For Birthday Luncheons, As A Rule,
We Serve Hot Dogs, Rolled On A Spool." - Dr. Seuss

The party was from 12:30 to 2:00... About 1:00 we opened pres
ents. Scarlett is spoiled. She didn't care about opening the presents much in the moment, and I'm afraid she didn't react a ton in the moment either. BUT! After the party, after things had calmed down and it was just us in the room... she loved playing with everything. It was really fun to see her just go from toy to toy, or sweater, or ball, or socks... and she would just carry things around with her. She got a fun farm book that she loves looking at, and it has fun tabs in order to turn the pages... she loves books.

Grandpa and Grandma Burke mailed us an extra special book for her. It's from Hallmark, I had seen commercials for them, and have thought they're pretty neat. Well, now I know they are super neat. It's a book that you can record your voice reading it. As you turn the pages, a light sensor kicks in and reads the words on each pag
e. Gma and Pa Burke sent us one of these spper cool books. It's called, "All the ways I love you". It's Grandpa Burke's voice, and he is so great at reading stories. Pretty much he is the best grandpa ever. He has a way with little ones I've never known before. This book is very special to us!!
"A Present! A-ha!
Now what kind shall I give...?
Why, the kind you'll remember
as long as you live!"

(Dr. Seuss' birthday bird)

After presents Scarlett gave a big thanks by clapping for a good while. It was pretty cute!
After presents we had cake. I made a 5 layer Dr. Seuss cake.
I should have taken more photos! I know there are more photos a friend took, but this is the only photo I have of it right now. (Please ignore our hideous fridge.) It's a layer of Funfetti on top and 4 layers of a super yummy chocolate cake on bottom. It took a bit of time... but worked out pretty well. I like how my sister put it, "It's wonky, like the Cat's hat is". The cake is obviously homemade by an amateur!Scarlett's Smash cake... I was attempting a thing 1 thing 2 cupcake. Aunt Heather helped me frost it. It's about 4-5 inches of blue frosting on top of a funfetti cupcake. She took her time putting bit by bit in her little mouth, and she kept eating it for almost an hour! She liked the rainbow sherbet too. After about 20 minutes of eating the cupcake she got SUPER crazy happy and goofy. She was shaking her head back and forth and up and down. Laughing and clapping. It was pretty hilarious.

"One little candle,
One little cake,
One little birthday
To Celebrate!"

(Dr. Seuss)

This morning I was changing her 2nd poo in the first few hours of waking up and it was actually GREEN-BLUE! I took a picture, but I'll spare you that image... What a party we had! I was afraid the frosting would stain her body... but it came right off in the tub.

I was exhausted once she was cleaned up and the party was over. I just wanted a nap!! But little miss was flying high and full of energy. Her sugar buzz lasted another 2 hours. Above I mentioned she played w/ all her new toys, etc... yep, for 2 hours. She loved it.

Happy Birthday Sweet Scarlett! I'm glad we could celebrate so much, it was my therapy for accepting you're not a baby anymore. I love my sweet girl!!

And thanks to all who came to help us celebrate! As the Doctor himself would say,

"Oh me, Oh my! How nice of you to stop by!"

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