Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hartley Grandkids Photo shoot 2011

My parents are in town! with my sisters!! And my sister's kids, Scarlett's cousins!!!

Yesterday we had all the grandkids together, 5 of them, for a photo shoot. Scarlett didn't smile, at all. She just looks at everyone who is trying to make her laugh like they're crazy, and acting funny. Which they are. But she doesn't smile at it.

So... Here's a group shot
And Scarlett's poses, sheesh! What a poser... But not like an Olivia or Ellia kind of poser... sigh.They turned out pretty good! I actually didn't go, hoping Scarlett wouldn't just want me/cry/try to get Seth or I. Alicia, my older sister, didn't go either so her two kids would do better. They turned out pretty good!


  1. I saw these on Facebook- they are WONDERFUL and all of the kids look great! Even your sweet little Scarlett. She is beautiful- a wonderful old fashioned/ or model posed picture taker in all of her serious shots. :)