Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scarlett lately

My nephew Gage, see the last post, won 3rd place in that baby photo contest. . . So close. Out of almost 500 kids, that's pretty dang good!! He didn't win his much needed swing set. :( Life goes on . . .

Scarlett is growing, growing! I was just looking at some pictures from a memory card and figured I could make another post on the blog, of course it's about her... again...
One of my college roommates from Jr/Sr year at BYU has a little girl just a week older than Scarlett. Huffy (Lisa) And her little Ashlyn stopped by one afternoon while they were in town. It was SO Nice to catch up with Huffy and see her cute little Ashlyn. Scarlett seemed a little more obnoxious/feisty around sweet, calm and content Ashlyn. But maybe these two can still be good friends some day. . .

Scarlett loves to do "half hand stands", not sure what to call them. Last night she was actually trying to dance in this position, silly girl. We're thinking she may be ready to learn a somersault soon?

We have a few beaded necklaces around. She is always wearing one. It's the one thing she can successfully put on herself!! It's pretty cute when she tries to put on other clothes, but at least the necklace is an easy one for her.

She is almost getting close to imitating words, I think. It depends on her mood. She knows the word "no" that's for sure! If we tell her "no" to something, she usually repeats it over and over at a stuffed animal or our cat, Raja. It's pretty funny. "Scarlett, no. Don't play with Raja's food." Scarlett - "no no no no no no" pointing to a stuffed animal or shaking her head. We're trying to teach her "yes". . . sometimes she'll just do the "ssssss". It's pretty freaking cute.

I loved her hair this morning. :)

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