Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Hero

Cheesy... cheesy... cheesy. Fair Warning.

Did ya'll know my husband is a freaking stud? I've taken the man for granted lately...

While I get to stay at home with our beautiful daughter, work here and there a little, and do many things at my own leisure. Seth is slaving away at life. My husband is going to work full time AND grad school full time right now. And then when he is home he is still changing a poopy diaper, making a bottle, and rocking baby Scarlett to sleep.

Good thing he doesn't work until 9:30 in the mornings... because he pulls late nights working on his papers (3-5 pg papers due EVERY week), researching, preparing (almost weekly) presentations for his grad school classes. He works until 6:00pm and I try my hardest to have dinner ready to eat or in the works. And so far this week we haven't had any fast food!! (That is HUGE for us!!)

He has a demanding job. He's been at it for 2 months now - at Adobe. And finally done with most of the training, but its so intense stuff he is constantly learning new things. Which is such an awesome experience for him, and he is gaining so much knowledge. Plus there are optional certifications and further trainings he is preparing and studying for. These certifications aren't a requirement - buta special bonus of working for omniture - which makes you extremely marketable if you were to put it on a resume. Anyway, his job rocks, and he rocks at it. It's amazing how much he has learned in the last two months. After working there for just a month he was in a training meeting for the certifications (so a wide variety of employees who had worked there for any amount of years was attending) and one of the more veteran employees asked him afterward how long he had been working there (a month). He said Seth was the smartest client care guy he's met - based on the questions and comments Seth had made in the meeting. Such a stud.

So here is my sweet husband tonight - working on a 5 pager. I'm so grateful for his sacrifices to work toward a hopeful successful future ... I think we're on the right path.I love you babe. I'm excited to celebrate your birthday this weekend!

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  1. Hahaha, seth is such a goof ball!!! What a stud!!