Sunday, May 30, 2010


Seth turned TWENTY SIX last Sunday (the 23rd)... it was a couple days of celebrating(4 really)! Friday Scarlett and I went to join Seth at work for lunch... and I decorated his desk and took him his favorite cupcakes - black bottom cupcakes (delicious). Saturday we met friends at Tucanos for lunch. Can't go wrong with that lunch choice... And had a little Rockband action after that at our place. Saturday night we went to my cousin Breanne's Roller Derby up in Layton. It was our first roller derby experience - it was a lot of fun!! And I'd love to go again. It was kind of loud... pretty loud. But Scarlett didn't fuss at all, she even slept most of the time, so I think it was okay. Afterward we went out for frozen yogurt at Red Mango with my Uncle Brad & Aunt Sundee. It was so nice to just relax and visit with them. A fun, fun night. Sunday we had dinner and birthday cake with the family out in Pleasant Grove. AND Monday... we had lots of friends over for pizza & ice cream/more black bottom cupcakes and Lots Of Rockband! It was a lot of fun! Seth (we) got a grill for his birthday... it's pretty big, and portable. We intend to use it camping a few times this summer... and Scarlett and I got him a set of grill tools and a kabob set. Fun, Fun, Fun.

My dad's birthday was Wednesday. Scarlett and I sang happy birthday to him in the morning, and we chatted in the evening. Poor dad was working the day away, but he enjoyed it? The Dental Lab is just super busy for him at the end of the U of I's school year (dental school), but ... well... he's super busy ALL the time at work. But he says he had a good day. Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa! We Love You!

My brother Brian's birthday was Thursday! I love my brother Brian, and I love this photo of us taken 4? years ago...

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