Thursday, May 6, 2010

In just a year...

From the diary of Scarlett O'linda

"My dearest daughter,
You are just so beautiful. I'm playing with you, right now! You just got your PJ's on and now we are just chit chatting away! Even while I'm writing right now you're just looking at me and chatting.
Today is your Gma Hartley's birthday! And you just completely covered me with a sneeze...But today is very memorable to me for another reason. While I was pregnant with you I was asked when my LMP was very often, when I had lab work and ultrasounds,etc. And that date is 5/6/09. This date was actually when my 2nd miscarriage 'started'. It was mother's day that weekend, how coincidental... Being constantly reminded of what began that day was at times hard, but knowing you were healthy and moving inside me kept my hopes high that I would be a mom soon enough.

Now exactly one year later I'm here visiting with you. And my heart is overflowing with love and happiness. I have been so blessed over this past year. Heavenly Father has blessed me with you and has exceeded all my hopes & dreams numerous times and in so many ways. You are a beautiful girl. You have such bright eyes, that people still continuously compliment you for.
You have such a caring and sweet personality. Is it possible I can sense this and tell by your 2 month interaction with us? I see you becoming a very caring individual who is aware of others around you and concerned for their well being.
You communicate your feelings and even discomforts to us in such a patient way... Giving us those 'sad story whimpers and call outs' rather than crying. It's incredibly cute to me. And I'm very grateful for your calm temperament!

This week my thoughts have been turned to my mothers so often. And it's unreal to me that I'm your mother. It's amazing how far I've come in a just a year, I love that we are here together, just coo'ing and chatting away. I love you! Love, Mom. "

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