Thursday, May 13, 2010

In A Week...

I need to blog more! Last Wed I was having some tooth pain and went into the dentist... They only took an Xray of where I was having the pain - I needed a Root Canal. Yea - I went in the next day to get it done. It was bad. I was pretty nervous, but it really wasn't that bad! Wow. It had been a year since I went to the dentist... But I guess I did go through a pregnancy and pregnancies do have a toll on teeth. And I had a pretty 'easy' pregnancy/delivery - so I guess I deserve some bad teeth? I'm nervous about how the rest of my mouth is doing... I still need to go in and get the crown. Kind of putting it off though.

I was sick on top of that root canal - they got to look up my crusty nose for an hour. I am finally over that blasted cold, and gave my congestion to Scarlett. Poor girl doesn't like the nose plunger after trying to get the snot out for 2 minutes. But she's still pretty patient when we're trying to help her breathe. Anyway, I didn't go to work last week b/c I had such a bad cold. Figured my co workers wouldn't want me to share my germs with them.

Saturday I worked 4 hours though. We watched our nephew Preston while his parents went and saw Ironman 2. He was throwing up on Friday, but seemed to be feeling better, well enough for his parents to go out. He was pretty good for us, didn't seem sick.

Saturday night Seth and I went to Ironman 2 at the Imax theater. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It was SO cool to see it in the IMax, I want to see all big movies at the Imax now. And the megaplex it's at has this really neat food court, you can take your food in the theater with you. We met up with James and Cari (Gates) Helton. It was our first date since Scarlett was born. And I had a lot of fun. Aubrey watched her for us (Preston's mom). We weren't out too long - just for the movie. But we missed Scarlett! She was fun when we got home that night.

Sunday - MOTHER'S DAY! It was my first mother's day! And it was nice to reflect and ponder about my fantastic moms. Seth and I are so blessed with the amazing examples of mothers in our lives. I enjoyed church, it was fast Sunday since we had stake conference last week. I heard a lot of testimonies about being a mom, motherhood, having children, etc. It was difficult to not worry that someone in the congregation was having a difficult day because they want to be a mom or has tried for years to have children. I tried to focus on my mom and celebrating the day in honor of her. Mother's day has been a very difficult for me in the last couple of years. It was just kind of a weird first mother's day for me... not what I had expected it to be, not what I thought it would be. But I did that all to myself. Seth spoiled me. The apartment was cleaned, he even vacuumed. We had stir-fry for dinner, it was so yummy. He bought me this electric massage thing that works amazing and I told him I didn't want flowers... I wanted to have a hanging plant/flowers for our patio instead of him getting me a bouquet. I just haven't gone to pick it out yet. Scarlett was all dressed up and looking so cute at church. She was extra good and extra cute for me. I absolutely love having her as my own.

Sunday - Aubrey, Preston's mom - Seth's sister - lives in provo, was on her death bed. She had the stomach flu. We watched Preston that night while she went to the urgent care with Davin for a few hours. He was good for us... it was an enjoyable evening.

Monday I offered to take Preston off Aubrey's hands so she could rest. She was dehydrated and got almost 3 bags of fluid via IV. So I watched Preston until Davin got him at 5. He was a good baby... He's way easy! I'm grateful he isn't crawling yet :) I didn't get much done though...

So on Monday Scarlett had SIX poopy diapers. She usually had one every 2 or 3 days. Tuesday she came to work with me all day because Aubrey was still recovering (she watches Scarlett for us while I work 16 hrs during the week). And Scarlett had 4?5? poopy diapers - plus one was a blowout. She wasn't fussy, her poo was seedy, She was eating normal, and wasn't vomiting. I wasn't too concerned. She did sleep A LOT... I think she was awake for just an hour while I was at work (which was a great thing, and I worked 11 hours that day).

Wednesday she slept in until 7:30, actually... I started waking her up at 7:15 b/c I wanted to feed her and get ready to take her to work w/ me again. She had a completely dry diaper. That concerned me, definitely something out of the ordinary that made me wonder if she was dehydrated. Her poopy diapers were wet, but not straight diarrhea. But after two blow outs and getting a little tired of changing her clothes, etc during my 9 hour shift I called the nurse. The nurse wasn't concerned... So I tried to not be... Anyway...

Today - She had two poopy diapers one right after the other late morning. They were definitely straight diarrhea, no seeds. So I called the nurse again and I made an appointment for her to see the doc. She has the stomach flu. I wish she would have been fussy or something!!? I guess I should have known b/c she was pooping so much? - but it was seedy and looked normal for the most part, so I wasn't too concerned. And she was still wetting some (not as much as usual) so I didn't think she was really dehydrated. She still took her bottles so easily and wasn't vomiting/spitting up. So I knew she was getting fluids, etc. Anyway! When the doc checked her out today he said he could tell she is bloated and uncomfortable but she is very well natured and dealing with it well. What? How can he tell she is uncomfortable if she isn't fussy? How am I suppose to know!? I mean, I know we're lucky that she's not screaming and complaining about having the stomach flu, but I feel so bad that I didn't know. She "just" has a mild case of it though. She had her well check last Tues and since that appt she has lost like 3 ounces. Her temp was 99.2, so it wasn't really a fever. But yea... We had Preston over on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. And she was over there on Saturday night... She was clearly exposed. Grateful it wasn't worse! Grateful she's such a great sport!

We got some pro biotics for her... that's all the doc recommended. So I mix up the little packet of granules (the size of sand or yeast) with some of her formula and finger it in her mouth and then let her suck on the bottle to wash it down. The stuff isn't small enough to fit through the nipple of the bottle. She is doing a great job of keeping it down and taking it. We'll do this a couple times each day for the next few days. This should just help her body get regular again, and hopefully keep her from getting constipated, which is expected once she's over this bug.

When I had called to make the appt they asked for her symptoms, etc. The doc knew what the appt was for before we got there... He came in and asked if I was ready to trade her in for a new one. No way! He says we're pretty lucky she's so good natured. The binkie or holding her really solves all her fussiness almost immediately. So I never know if that's just what she wanted or if those are her coping mechanisms that make life all better. Anyway!! This was my first experience (besides congestion) working with my sick baby...

Today was fantastic since I didn't work! I had two long days, 11 hrs and 9 hrs to get my 20 hours in... Because I can't go into work this Saturday. Why not? ... you ask. Well friends, we are going to YELLOWSTONE Saturday!!! We're driving up to Rexburg to stay with cousin Todd & Catie. We'll have a fun filled-packed One day Yellowstone adventure, and come back Sunday. I've only been once - and it was when I was pretty young. We're Very Excited!! I'll take lots of photos...

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