Monday, May 3, 2010

Family In Town & a real bath

My red camera is at my Gma's right now... so I'm missing good pictures of this BIG weekend we had April 22-28, okay BIG week.

Scarlett has pretty much been getting sink baths and sponge baths since day one... I know, it's like we're neglecting her!!? She Does Get Baths, She Is Clean! Are you kidding... we have to wash that hair every day! So here are photos of that fun, fun time.

My parents drove out to Utah Thursday the 22 and stayed until just after the blessing lunch Sunday. It was a fast trip for them, but we got to spend quality time with them amongst the chaos. I love my parents. I love when they come visit! They took my bro Garrett and his roommate Kameron home with them, since they're done with school for the summer. (and for their missions?)

We had Seth's parents staying with us for the weekend and then they stayed with Aubrey/Davin (Seth's sister) until Wednesday. It was So Much Fun having them around so much. It went by WAY too fast! Aubrey did fantastic at her post about this - so check it out here :).

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