Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Scarlett is beginning to bat at toys and her cheeks JUST KEEP GETTING BIGGER!!!

She's 11 weeks today. She notices Raja when she walks by and gives her the evil eye when she is LAYING ON TOP OF HER. I thought Raja was jealous before - but now she is really, really jealous. Scarlett will be in our lap and she'll just come up and sit on top of her. Or she'll walk on her to get to the other side of the chair/couch or to climb up high on our chest.
See these cheeks!?! I blow dry her hair now... it's just a lot faster that way.She loves sleeping on her daddy's lap...She is a tall, long baby girl! She really took the days frustrations out on the red rocket today... can you hear the intimidating words coming out of that mouth of hers? (which has been so fun to listen to non stop lately).
I Love It All!!! :)


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  2. I like watching her grow through your blog. Cute video.