Monday, November 2, 2009


Umm.... It's November. I think that is kind of crazy.

October was fun! We went to a Halloween party at Jessica's house (Seth TA's for her) - that was a blast. I'm from Iowa (GO HAWKEYES!!!) and just this year went to my first ever corn maze, wow - I know. We carved pumpkins with the Cho's... I carved a cat, Seth carved Jack from Nightmare before Christmas. Sister Amy came to visit us - we went Laser Tag (SOOOooo much fun!!!) and ate out at Tepanyaki for 50% (Happy Birthday Emily! Thanks for inviting us to your party). We (Seth, Amy, Aubrey, and I) played rockband and chatted for a while. Visited Great Aunt Marilyn and Great Uncle Wally at Gma's in PG and got to watch a bit of cousin Drake's playoff football game. Made Dinner in a pumpkin for the Jarvinen's, Hartleys, and ladies upstairs. Also made it for the work party - got movie tickets!!! b/c I dressed up at work. ( I was a jack-o-lantern for the 3rd time in a row - next year I'll try harder, promise. )

So this slideshow is from all of the activities listed above that I took, I need to take more photos.

Baby Girl... She usually keeps me company while I'm at work. I was nervous today b/c I hadn't felt her at all, and it was noon. I ate pop tarts and drank a root beer - She must have been taking a serious nap, I was going crazy with the sugar high myself. but a half an hour after it all, she let me know she was up and going. whew. I've only felt her once when I'm in bed, going to sleep... I sure hope that means she is sleeping while I am, and awake during the day. And that would be awesome if she stayed like that when she joins us out here in this crazy world.

Belly Pictures - after a few requests... here they are. I know, I know... I for sure need to be better at this and take more pictures. I have noticed a huge difference from morning pictures and night pictures. I never remember to snap a photo in the morning, but I'm working on it. GIRL NAME SUGGESTIONS VERY WELCOME.... please.

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  1. your startin to pop out!! You look awesome! as for girl names i dunno, i like Zoey, and ella but theres millions of those out there now, and cousins with the same name or variation,.... yeah i dunno, if i hear a cool one ill let ya know :D