Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Baby Shower

We will be in Michigan this year for Christmas, visiting Seth's family. As a joint effort of his family and his friend Lara there will be a baby shower for us while we're there. Lara has a blossoming photography business and put together this invite for the shower -I Love It!! Especially what she did to the picture I emailed her :) This was taken yesterday so everyone - here is your updated belly photo (27w 3d). I'm really excited for Christmas, and the holiday season... This fun event is just one more thing to add on to the parties. Thank You Lara!!


  1. How wonderful! Great picture, and it is so fun to go home for the holidays...

  2. Good gracious you look GORGEOUS!! Pregnancy suits you well. LOVE YOU!

  3. Such a cute invite!! (Mostly bc of the picture)