Saturday, November 14, 2009

Okay Ladies....

I am So Proud of myself right now... I try to express this excitement to Seth, and he is trained well enough to nod his head and agree with whatever I'm saying - but he just doesn't get it!!

So in Sept I got a gift card from work for my birthday for $30 to the mall. I've been saving it for a great deal of some sort - what better time would that be other than the holiday shopping season!? I've wanted some new makeup... and asked a co-worker for suggestions - she told me about Nordstrom's Clinique Bonus Time!!

I didn't know, but I guess b/c Nordstrom is way up on the 'expensive store' list they get different bonus time gifts sets than any of the other places that do it (like Dillard's). And you have to spend $25 to get the gift set rather the usual $21.50, but they have TONS better gift sets. So I went tonight to use my Gift Card... I was in need of new foundation and eyeliner.

See this bonus time set!?! What else do you need besides a great foundation and eyeliner!?! Blush, eye shadow, mascara, brushes... yea - all of that in the bonus set - I got a whole new face tonight! The colors are all perfect for me. Seriously - can you tell that I'm more than ecstatic about my purchases this evening!? It also came with face wash and an eye cream that reduces puffiness ... the only thing I will not be using is the lipstick (it's up for grabs, just let me know). So I paid $7.67 for it all. It cannot get better than that - thanks to the gift card. It totally made my day!!

A new make up tip I learned tonight - For those of us who don't have a perfect 'sharp' jawline and want to try to hide the little double chin action going on, here is a trick. Brush bronzer from ear to ear under your chin/jaw. It gives a shadow look/more defined... you can also do that from the corner of your lips up to your ear for that cheek bone definition. Glorious!

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  1. I am impressed!!! I will know for next time at our Macys (that's about as fancy as we get around here!!!)