Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Ultrasound

Last Thursday we had our 20 week "big" ultrasound. The tech was somewhat new. And I got a call the Friday that the doc wanted a few more pictures/better views than what he had to look at.

Today we pretty much had the whole ultrasound all over again. The same tech was there, but another tech performed the whole exam again. baby lady burke was not very cooperative, just like last time. Though she wasn't breach! We saw a lot more of her face. She was bouncing off the walls. She's a complete spaz! The tech just stopped at one point, put the wand over my belly button and said "I'm not moving at all, that's all her... You need to enroll her in sychronized swimming or interpretive dance very young so she can put those talents to good use... I have never seen a baby move this much... (to the other tech) it wasn't you she didn't like, it's just how she is..." She was beginning to get a little frustrated at the end...

She gave us a peace sign, and even a thumbs up... What a darling she will be. She kept her hands up by her face, usually in fists so it looked like she was picking a fight, getting ready to box. She was so fun to visit with though... we'll take her, fiesty-ness and all.

This morning at work I was questioning if it was really the baby I was feeling. She was going crazy, it felt like she was doing a doggy paddle through the amniotic fluid. The ultrasound confirmed that it was the baby, and she really can move like that! She just has too much room in there for her own good... that will change soon enough. Here's a compilation of photos to enjoy from the two ultrasounds.
On a different note. You know how our other little girl, Raja has discovered the fireplace and is her new favorite? The other morning Seth was looking at her and realized she has singed half of her right whiskers off!! And what's left of the singed ones are curled at the ends. I think someone got a little too close to the fire... hahaha, we love her!

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  1. how fun. I only got an ultrasound with 2 of my pregnancies and then only once. With Michael they could tell he was a boy but couldn't tell me (although they did hint). It was fun watching your slideshow of the little miss.