Sunday, July 20, 2014

I still hope I will laugh at this someday.

 I still hope I will laugh at this someday. I'm looking into photoshop classes. Then when I know what I'm actually doing I'll really be able to edit this photo!

But until then, I edited my Nauvoo sunset photo again. This time working mostly with Lightroom. Which I didn't use hardly at all with my first edit here.



June Dance Performance

Scarlett's 2nd dance performance was in June. She loves getting all dolled up with make up and her costumes. There were about 30 songs, maybe more. So lots of time was spent waiting for their turn back stage. They did lots of "stretches".

When the girls were "on deck" we waited backstage and watched the big girls dance. The littles loved this! When a dancer would come off stage in the middle of their number to get to their next entrance, the little's eyes were glued to them. In these two photos you see a dancer coming off and then all the littles watching her around the corner as she gets back on stage. So adorable.

 They did a great job. I'm really impressed that Scarlett doesn't clam up or get shy. She soaks in the whole experience and loves it.
 I Love This One!

 Class Photo
 Silly Pose

I'm glad Aunt Kara came with us! We went to Menchies for ice cream afterwards. 
Lincoln sure enjoyed it! We didn't take Lincoln with us to her first performance. And I was pleased he stayed quiet and entertained the majority of the night. I love having him with us! I'm glad he's getting old enough to understand when to be quiet and isn't crazy energetic like some other boys his age.

We gave flowers to each girl in her class, they were all so excited to get them! It was a fun night, and I'm proud of this little ballerina!