Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May's trip to the Midwest - Part 2

 I think I have explained this before, but it seems appropriate to explain our crazy family connections again now. Seth was born in Waterloo (an hour from IC where I'm from) and his grandparents and a few Aunts & Uncles still live there. I have known them for years and years because of church. They were in our stake before the stake split when I was in high school.  However, Seth moved to Arizona when he was 5 years old So I never met him. My sister met Seth's cousin (Tim) through the church activities, dated, and were married in 2005. Making this long story shorter - I met Seth through Tim's younger sister Heidi and the rest is history.
Alicia, my oldest sister, is my sister and Cousin (by marriage).
Seth and Tim are first cousins, and now brother in laws!
Crazy, I know.

So! Now that that is clear as mud! Saturday afternoon we drove from Nauvoo to Waterloo, IA for the wedding reception. My sister (and cousin) was blessing her newest addition to her family, Tait. So my parents came up from IC and brought my Grandma and Grandpa Hartley with them!

I absolutely adore and love my Grandma and Grandpa Hartley! I adore all of my Grandparents!! I love to see them hanging out together too.

The tire swing is a huge hit at Aunt Chris & Uncle Steve's house!

My kids are really into ants, roly polys, and other bugs lately. Iowa has fun bugs too!

Claire touching Linc's cheek - so adorable. She is 3 months older than him and twice as big!
The dance was a big hit!

Lincoln was all about blowing out the candles in the mason jars.
At first I was trying to keep them lit, but it was quickly apparent that was impossible.

Love These Boys!
Siblings reunited! Aubrey, Amy, & Seth.
And then the mom with the photo bomb!
We stayed at Aunt Kathy & Uncle Jim's place. And had lots of fun!

The 4 wheelers & go carts and GGrandpa Oesterle's is always a blast.
Lincoln snuggling with Aunt Amy...
... and Uncle Jake.

Aunt Amy and Scarlett were having a flexibility contest. Scarlett felt she could give
 Aunt Amy a hand to see her full potential.

Family photo with Great Grandma Pat & Grandpa Rudy before heading back to Iowa City. 
We Love these two people!!! I feel so blessed to be their granddaughter through marriage.

We said our good-byes to the Oesterle/Burke Clan. and headed to Iowa City for a day and a half before driving back to Utah.
I was just now looking for a post that would better explain these photos, but I didn't blog about it! I'll have to do that. This is The Dental Lab! It's my dad's Dental Tech lab. The original one (that my grandpa bought in the 80's, when it was his business) tragically burnt down January 2013. It has been a year and a half, and they have come so far! It has been a serious trial for my parents and brother Brian in order for it to be approved to be rebuilt. It is in the middle of a residential area, and before was "grandfathered in" legally. But since the fire destroyed the building more than a specific %, they were told they absolutely could not rebuild their business there. They fought the city long and hard, and the neighborhood supported them 100%. Now there is the new lab! These photos were taken 2 months ago and they should be moving in any day now.
It is incredible inside! The fire was a blessing in disguise in a few ways. The saddest part is they were unable to build in an apartment in the back, like it was before. That is actually where the fire started (grease fire by the tenant). But the lab's new layout is much more efficient than before.

Monday we went to our favorite playground in Iowa City. It was so fun that dad was with us this time! Every other time we have been, Seth wasn't with us on the trip. I wish we had one like this in Utah!


Scarlett enjoyed showing me all her tricks, it worked - I was very impressed! I love her determination.

Iowa City has all sorts of "Herky"s all decked out and individually themed right now. We got to see these three at the Ped mall when we were at the playground. Herky is the U of I's mascot.
Scarlett was so excited to find an "S", she just had to lay down on the dirty ground next to it.

We squeezed in time to feed the ducks at City Park with my parents and aunt Kara. It wouldn't be a trip to Iowa City without feeding those ducks! They were quite entertaining that day too.
Aaaand, the last photos I have to caption seem to be allll about ice cream. We got some scoops at Heyn's Ice Cream, also a must-go every Iowa City trip. Yum!
I'm pretty sure I have more photos of Monday night's event somewhere. But this is it for now. 
Kara is showing off her creation at the Riverside Casino. None of us had ever been, but the casino offers a free meal at their yummy & big buffet. 5 of the 8 of us who went had May birthdays! Mom, Dad, Gloria, Brian, and Seth got to eat free. Kara, Garrett, and I just weren't cool enough that day. We had a really fun time! And Scarlett & Lincoln got to go play with my cousin Sheena and her adorable twin girls & boy. They had a great time too - it was a win - win night! 
I'm so glad we could fit it in!

We were back in the car for the long haul Tuesday morning.


No throw ups this time, and yummy Ice Cream cones from Little America helped us make it home.

It was such a fun family vacation. We got to fit so much in, and we saw so much family from both sides of the family.

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