Sunday, July 20, 2014

Date Night!

Seth has 9 1/2 hours left of counseling clients before he is DONE with his masters!! YEAY!!!

We had been planning on going to see the SCERA amphitheater's performance of Les Miserables since Amy's (Seth's sister) BFF/old roommate Kelsey was Fantine and Kelsey's husband Brian was Enjolras. Monday was the only night that would work and so Seth hurried back to Orem after his 5 o'clock client.

Dana babysat the kids, she is the kid's most favorite sitter! Scarlett always gets very hyper and excited when she comes over. We set them up with the Lego Movie and some treats before heading out the door.

We ate food truck stuff for dinner - wasn't as good as I hoped. Hahaha, is it possible to have good food truck food? It was really nice to have some time before it starts,  we just enjoyed each others company and took some awesome selfies. Ahhh, Seth's favorite pastime, taking selfies. 

Les Mis is long. Seth and his family grew up listening to the music and loving it. I had heard some of the songs before, but didn't really get the storyline. I've seen high school performances of it - and they were pretty painful to sit through. Then the movie came out in 2012 and I loved it!
The SCERA did a really amazing job with it. We were both extremely impressed with the talent in the cast! Especially Kelsey and Brian, they were incredible! It's especially cool that they're married and share such a neat talent together.

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