Sunday, July 13, 2014


5th post tonight, figure I should do at least one that is "current".

Friday we went camping!! We found a perfect spot at Mineral Basin up American Fork Canyon. I absolutely loved the trees surrounding us, the creek just feet away, and good tent spots. And we went with our good friend's, The Tophams which made it much, much more fun!

Seth and Maliya dancing to "If you're happy and you know it shake your bum!"

The Glow sticks were fun, until a few leaked on the girls in the tent. Seth bonded with the glowstick flower.

The boys both had puppy foot pajamas! Too stinking cute.

Hayden in his cute bear outfit.

The boys with their boys. And Shannon serenading the girls before bed. Love it.

Lincoln was helping Seth roast some starbursts. Such a good helper!

My favorite part about camping is chatting around the fire after the sun is down, and kids are asleep. The moon was crazy bright Friday night! We chatted until 1am, It was really relaxing and fun.

I loved the little waterfall by our tent, it made enough white noise to fall asleep to. Maliya slept in the Princess tent with Scarlett.

Lincoln slept in the longest, 2 hours longer than the rest of us. When I checked on him at 9:30 he woke up and started to get up. But then he just snuggled up to his teddy bear again to sleep longer. Lucky boy!

Pancakes, eggs, & Sausage for breakfast.

The kids got pretty dirty with all the fine dirt and creek to get wet in. If we go back we will remember to wear flip flops/water shoes the first day and save tennis shoes for the next day so they will be dry!

The girl's played "Princess School" in our tent and Lincoln didn't mind joining in.

Camping takes a bit of preparation, but it has always been worth it. I hope we go again soon! 

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