Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May's trip to the Midwest - Part 1

We took a family road trip to Iowa/Illinois in the middle of May. Seth's cousin got married in Nauvoo, IL and our nephew/cousin ;) was blessed.

The kids did VERY well on the trip, until East Nebraska when Lincoln seemed to get sick and he threw up. He threw up a total of 3 times. He hasn't gotten car sick before so we were pretty confused. Nebraska is pretty flat and straight!

And I have to say, we were very impressed with Lincoln. He never complained or made any indication he wasn't doing well. Then all of the sudden Seth looked back and saw him throwing up. It was really random! After a few more hours in the car Lincoln said "Daddy?" and then started throwing up again. Poor sweetheart!

Scarlett said her feet were cold, so daddy helped her with that.  What a sweet dad!

I Love Seeing This Sign!!

At Grandma's House! We stayed at my parent's house for one night before heading to Nauvoo. It was so nice to break up the drive. My sister Alicia was there with her kids, cousin time at grandma's house is the absolute best.
The Bearded Dragon, Abby, is one thing the little really look forward to.
I love how Lincoln is pointing at the screen, sitting with cousin Beck. And Scarlett is snuggled right in with Ellia.
We got back in the car late afternoon for the 1 1/2 drive to Nauvoo. We got stuck by a barge in Ft. Madison. Scarlett didn't mind the teaching moment.
Scarlett & Beck chasing baby bunnies that were settled in the long grass Uncle Tim was mowing.

I Love this photo!!
 That first night (Thursday) we saw the Rendezvous Show the senior missionaries put on in the Cultural Hall down on "The Flats". My face hurt from smiling the whole time, I was just so happy to feel the spirit of Nauvoo with my little family. Literally I couldn't "Think of a place I'd rather be."

I love these boys!
I wish I had taken photos of our time staying at the house with the family. Grandma and Grandpa Burke  came into town Thursday night. We played lots of Pepper while the kids were sleeping. Aubrey & Davin came Friday morning with cousins Preston & Claire!

The weather was cold for May, but it was a great day for a wedding! These two enjoyed keeping busy while we waited for the happy couple to come through the temple doors.

Giving GGma Oesterle a big!! Hug. I really admire how Scarlett knows and absolutely adores each of her great grandparents (she has 7!) and her grandparents. We don't get to see most of them very often, but she knows each of them and loves them.
The Burke family (missing Amy & Jake)

Aaaand, I don't have any photos of the happy couple, but they were a good looking two!
The rest of the extended family headed to Waterloo, IA Friday night. It was so fun to spend time with just the Burke's in Nauvoo by ourselves before the reception Saturday

And we walked through the statue garden. The kids loved it.

Scarlett is the cutest, she was all about this "Courtship" statue.

We ate dinner at the Hotel Nauvoo buffet and drove around the flats. We stopped at the bend of the Mississippi River, at the end of Parley street to skip rocks. 

Saturday morning we went on a buggy ride, a tour through the Nauvoo sites. The horse's names were "Lehi" and "Nephi" - which really got Scarlett excited! At one point in the tour the guide also mentioned "missionaries houses" and Scarlett giggled "Missionaries! That's where the missionaries live!?" She really does pay attention in Primary!

Impressive story - Thursday night my little family was driving around on the flats, looking at the sites and soaking in the special spirit there. I pointed out the Orson Hyde Home, where my grandparents lived during their mission in the late 90's. Well, while we were on the buggy ride I overheard Scarlett (sitting by her grandma Burke) tell Sandi "That's where my GiGi stayed!!" Wow! I didn't know she was listening when I told that to Seth two days before. And not only did she pick out the house out of dozens of sites we saw, she knew since it was my grandma, it was her Great Grandma. She is a smart cookie!
Friday night Amy & Jake surprised us! They drove from Alabama to join us in Nauvoo and for the rest of the wedding festivities.
Lincoln fell asleep.
Learning how the wagon wheels were made, and got our prairie diamond souvenir!
At the Webb Brothers' Blacksmith Shop. Uncle Jake was chosen to get the miniature horse shoe, and he graciously gave it to Scarlett. What a nice uncle!!

Nauvoo is my most favorite place on Earth. My testimony of many fundamental Gospel Principles was developed and strengthened in City Beautiful. The spirit there is unique than to any other holy place. It was so good to spend time there with my little family, and with our Burke family. I hope to go back soon, and that my kids have the opportunity to fall in love with Nauvoo too.

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