Sunday, October 31, 2010


Friday was Halloween Party Day! Scarlett and I went to my work to visit before her morning nap... I really like taking her to my work, I have the sweetest co-workers that seem to adore her lots. It was a good, short trip. Scarlett was in a great mood in her pretty Rapunzel dress... saying all sorts of her words, it was very cute.

I tried curling her hair before we went to Seth's big work party. But it pretty much fell out by the time we reached the end of the line to get into the event.

Seth's work has more of a festival than a party for Halloween. There was a variety of entertainers. Scarlett's favorite was the magician. She walked right up in front of him and her eyes didn't leave him until the line was moving too far away from her and we went and picked her up! He was great at entertaining the crowd, and interacted with her a bit as she was obviously his biggest fan! I loved how she was completely into his show, like there was nothing else going on around them.

They had good music, good entertainment, and good treats while we were in line for about an hour. Scarlett especially enjoyed the cotton candy.

Once we got inside we were walking through each floor and every Adobe department. They have two buildings... it was a lot to see!! I would say my favorites were Harry Potter, Toy Story, The Cat in the Hat, Angry Birds, and Alice & Wonderland. Oh, and of course Seth's department... their theme was "Holidays Around the World". They did pretty good! But I think they were given a crappy 'theme' compared to the rest of the departments.

After the Adobe party we went to the ward potluck. We were too tired to stay for more trick or treating with the ward, but it was fun to see our primary class and we snapped a quick picture.

Today for dinner we had the traditional Halloween dinner... "Dinner in a Pumpkin". Seth's mom has been in town since last Monday, so we are very lucky to have her here with us visiting. The cousins on Seth's side of the family came for dinner too, and the Jarvinen's.

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