Sunday, October 24, 2010

Church Halloween Party

Last night was our church's Halloween Party! It was a chili cook off too, Mm- Mmm!

Aubrey and Preston came along with us. We enjoyed a very yummy dinner of Chili and cornbread - soooo yummy. There was fun music, and door prizes. I'm impressed with how well Scarlett and Preston did with their costumes on. Scarlett's skunk headpiece fits her pretty snug. She does not have a small head! But she did pretty good with that thing squishing her cheeks most of the night.

We did a little trick or treating at some doors in the church. (So much better than trunk - or - treating!) Each one had a theme... like Carebears, fall, camping. There was a fog machine too. Scarlett's first door of trick or treating... She reached into the bowl, grasped TWO candybars and while scooping it out of the bowl she got another candybar to land right into her candy bag. It was awesome. She's a pro! No need to show her how the game works, she knows!It was a fun time! She was a hit! One little boy in a dinosaur costume kept pointing at her and laughing... I guess that could mean he was making fun? But I'm pretty sure he was just impressed with how cute she was.

I'm excited for Friday. Seth's work, Adobe, really goes all out for Halloween. This year's theme is "Board games" And Seth's department chose "Monopoly". He is in charge of building the Community Chest, which will hold the candy/prizes for the kids. We built it yesterday... We had to do it INSIDE the apartment because it's been raining all weekend. Fortunately the rain stopped for a little bit and we could cut half of it outside. We had to sweep multiple times and I'm sure we'll find more saw dust in random places, But it's pretty good! We put a false floor in it, so there's only 6 inches of room to fill up with candy/prizes. A co-worker is going to paint it this week. And Scarlett and I will get to walk around and trick or treat some more Friday at his work. We'll dress her up for my work party too! And then Saturday!! We'll go visit family and she'll get to wear the costume again. Yay for being able to use a costume you pay for more than just one day!!! Wait until you see Seth's costume... if I can pull it off.... he's going to be the battleship piece from Monopoly.A bonus photo of our cute little one I took while working on this post... She's so smiley and happy. We're so lucky to have her!!


  1. Oh my gosh. She is adorable! Loving the skunk costume!