Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've been stealing...

I've been KSL shopping a bit lately, classifieds. Yesterday I found Scarlett's Halloween costume ... $10 and it's SOOO oooo cute!! We've been looking for a while, searching for a good costume but inexpensive. This lady accidentely ordered two costumes a few years ago, and the extra has been sitting in the bag, brand new. I want to keep it a surprise, but telling you right now - it's SO Cute!! And it was brand new, out of the bag for $10. Such a steal...

Today I've been KSL shopping for winter clothes... Especially pants and shoes for Scarlett. We had to drive to Eagle Mountain (a good 30 min) to get it but! We scored a girl's snow suit and winter coat for $15. Brand new... tags were still on them actually... the winter coat was originally $50 and the snowpants $30. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! She looks SO cute in it! The snow pants fit perfectly. And the coat isn't too bad either. We also got her a pea coat that's grey, from KSL - that was $8.... not as awesome as the snowsuit or costume, but she needed it.

So! Bring on the snow!! Scarlett is ready... well, she needs some mittens and boots. But we're getting close to ready for some sledding and playing. We are excited!

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