Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life is Good

We have been busy. . .

Last Sun night - Wed night we babysat my niece and nephew. My brother and sister-in-law went on a trip to the Bahamas. (nah... we weren't jealous) It was Fun! It was hard at times... I was a mom of THREE!

I think it was a success! Monday we did the preschool thing, G (nephew) and Scarlett napped from the moment we dropped O (niece) off until I had to get them in the car to pick her up. It was awesome. We watched a bit of netflix Monday but played a bit too. G loves Raja. At one point I caught him actually laying on top of her, full body length and bouncing... Stupid cat just laid there. Monday night we played at the playground a bit before getting ready for bed... they slept sooo well :)

Tuesday we ate lunch and dinner at a playground, good thing it's been perfect weather until the sun goes down. Wednesday night we went to a bigger playground and they had a ton of fun... G was way too adventurous for his own good! But Seth had a good eye on him. My favorite was waiting for G at the bottom of a slide that had a cover over it, like a tube and then Seth had come down with Gage... uh, pretty sure Seth should never do that again - I'm surprised he didn't get stuck. But it was fun... and got some McDonald's ice cream after.

Scarlett didn't sleep well Tuesday night, so I'm afraid I was impatient with O Wed morning. We were getting all ready for preschool and Baby Einstein was on for Scarlett ... O kept watching as she was trying to eat her pancakes and get her backpack, shoes and socks on, etc and I was getting upset w/ her that she wasn't focusing on just getting ready. ( I should have turned off the TV!) But we were walking out the door and I said "I'm sorry, I just don't want you to be late, but we already are". And she said "You ALWAYS make me late,and my mom ALWAYS makes me late!!!" it was humorous... In the car I was trying to explain it was frustrating for me to try to get her to focus because we were in a hurry but she just kept watching TV or not eating her breakfast. She was so innocent... "But I just am trying to understand what you're telling me Megan, but I just don't understand you." hahaha, she's cute.

We made and decorated Halloween ghost/pumpkin/cat sugar cookies. She wrote and illustrated a story book for Garrett (my lil bro on his mission) ALL BY HERSELF! (I wrote it, she told me... it was quite random but cute). We made some hand print (fingers) spiders... and dipped her foot in white paint to put on black paper which made ghost. (heel is the head, her toes/ball of foot was the body). It all went great.

I enjoyed having them, we fit a lot of fun things in. I'm not going to post photos of their bath time.. but having 3 in a tub - they had a blast! But, I will say... I'm glad kids come one at a time and you space them out as long as you'd like :)

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