Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The miss is 8 months!

Scarlett got her first tooth last week! So it's been a 'fun' time at night lately. She does pretty well with oral gel, so we're doing alright. Sometimes she'll be crying and I'll just take her out to the living room and we'll lay down together. I'll rub her back until she's calmed down and sleeping again , and then put her back to bed. Or she'll come into our bed, but I'd like to not make that a habit. Oh the joys of teething! It's just the start of a long road, I can feel it.

She is obsessed with standing and walking (with our hands for balance or along furniture). She gets so bored sitting and playing now. Which is exciting for us to see her excited to get around. She's not a fan of her tummy still, but she's getting more use to it and she might crawl one of these days. I'm grateful she isn't mobile though, not mobile yet. But she sure is rolling everywhere.

Either Raja is stupid, and goes to Scarlett for attention to only get gauged in the eye or ears pulled. OR Raja likes Scarlett. Either way, they usually do play nice. She's very vocal. She'll mumble herself to sleep, talk a lot when she wakes up, and make all sorts of noises in the back seat looking out that back window as we're driving. She laughs a lot, and screams a lot. Yes, screams. . . when she gets excited, mad, sad, or just when she feels like it. Sometimes she likes to inhale as much air as possible and let it all go fast in a very high pitch, like she's in terrific pain, and then just stop when the air is all out and look around like nothing happened. She does this at the most appropriate times too - like in the middle of a restaurant, or primary when we're substitute teaching. It's as if she doesn't get enough attention or something?

Our recent favorite is laughing with each other, spontaneously, for a long time back and forth. It's so random, but if I laugh a lot, she'll laugh along with me and we just keep going and going back and forth. She also likes the "I'm going to get you" game when she's in dad's arms and I'm coming for her. Or peek-a-boo. She loves Baby Einstein still too.

She is a CUTIE! And her cheeks just don't go down, they may just be getting more full actually. She is a great baby, we are so blessed.

Happy 8 months miss!

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