Wednesday, February 19, 2014


8, Eight posts for 2013. That is terrible. My goal for 2014 - write at least 9 posts.

2014 has treated us very well so far. And with the warmer weather lately, and the rain that melted all the nasty snow - 2014 is looking a lot better too! I'm sure it will snow again though, which would make Seth pretty happy.

Valentine's Day was a success! It started with pink heart pancakes and yummy juice for breakfast. The kids and I were going to go surprise Seth at work with the annual (embarrassing) balloon bouquet. But - he decided to come home early. So that was initially a bummer, but obviously quickly became the best thing ever.

 We drove around the neighborhood and delivered Valentine's to some good friends in the ward. Then we drove out to PG and heart attacked my grandparents (Gigi and Gigpa). Scarlett was very confused when I told her we were going to "heart attack" it. She felt it was going to be a mean thing, for us to attack them. But she loved it, and says "Remember when we heart attacked gigi?"

We went to drop some Valentine's off to friends in Lehi and ended up staying there for the evening. Scarlett loved playing with the kids and we got to enjoy a few games with just adults! Quite an enjoyable time.

Yesterday was the most productive day we have had all year! I worked 4 1/2 hours, Seth changed the rear brakes, I ran lots of errands/shopping, we painted a wall that has had paint scraped off it since last August (!!!!) We filled holes, sanded it, washed it, bonding primed it, and put two coats of paint on it. (I'm pretty much the happiest person in the world because that finally got done) Sad thing is - it was so easy, really should have done it months ago. We also put hardware on our kitchen cupboards.
We enjoyed watching Ender's Game to finish the great day off.

Today was Ward Conference. After church we had friend's over for dinner, the Topham's, and the girls had great fun playing together again. We even fit the bouncy house in a basement room so the kids were well entertained. One of the best things about company coming over is the house gets cleaned well. (:

Seth has tomorrow off, so we have another free day. Since Saturday was so productive, we will have to do something fun!

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