Tuesday, February 25, 2014


One thing I look forward to doing once Seth is home more after his internship is done... Is taking a Photoshop class! I don't know what I'm doing. I rely on YouTube tutorials and a co-worker of Seth's who is Photoshop savvy. But! I have been working on this photo to put in a frame over our fireplace.


  (cleaned up, lightened up, removed people/sidewalks/car/trees/lights, etc)

I'm just struggling fixing up the top of the temple, the lighting/levels through the upper level railing is suffering, badly. and I just haven't found the right fix for it yet.  (Both of my kids are yelling at me right now for help to open a door to let them back in from playing in the backyard, and one yelling from the crib because he is done with the nap. I'm so neglectful)

I want to attempt to remove the fence at the base of the temple as well.

Originally I was confident I wanted to buy one of those beautiful (super expensive) photos of the Nauvoo temple to go over the fireplace. But! Costco printing, $8 for a large size, done!

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