Saturday, December 28, 2013

One more for 2013

Maybe I'll be better next year, not making promises though.

Christmas was fun this year. It was different than others though. This was our first year staying home, and no family visiting from out of town. The main reason we didn't go anywhere is because Seth is/was hoping to get ahead, or not more behind, on hours for his internship. It is very nice that his work shuts down for the holiday. Paid break for two weeks! The kids are loving it, and so am I, but the kids - are seriously loving it.

Christmas eve we saw Frozen in the theater. Scarlett and Seth were glued to the screen, and I got to help Lincoln be entertained. Scarlett really loves seeing movies in the theater - this was probably her third time. (Today we also saw Despicable Me 2 in the dollar theater. Lincoln did worse than in Frozen, but I got to see the majority of it).

We then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at my grandparent's in Pleasant Grove. Dinner was amazing and the time around aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents was good.

We came home and got our Christmas jammies on. Read "The Very First Christmas", that was recorded by both grandparents!! My parents recorded it and gave it to us just after Thanksgiving, and then Seth's parents mailed us their recorded copy early last week! Those books are so nice, I love hearing our parent's voice reading to their grandkids.

Seth and I "prepared" the Christmas tree with presents that have been hiding all month. We couldn't put anything under the tree since Scarlett opened anything with an "S" on it (obviously that means it's for Scarlett).

Seth woke me up at 3:45 am in a panic that he heard Scarlett come out of her room. (Why did he have to wake me up??? He heard her, he could have stopped her!) I jumped out of bed and redirected her to her bed. I'm pretty sure she had somehow gotten to the tree and display of presents before we woke up at 7:30 for the day. The mini train set was taken apart, but Scarlett denied all accusations of course.

It was a Merry Christmas! Lincoln's favorite toy is the Mega Blocks Piano and Scarlett's is her Princess Tent (which we place on top of her bed, so she sleeps in her tent, on her bed.)
Seth's favorite present was the portable air compressor and his big tool set bench/organizer thing. MY favorite present was .... my 5S iphone! Yes, I have crossed over from the "dumb" phone world into the smart high tech stuff.

Christmas day afternoon we went to my brother's in Spanish Fork to spend time with his family. We had ham dinner complete with all the yummy Christmas Day dinner menu items. The kids also got to break open a pinata!  A Hartley family tradition, this year mom and dad brought one with goodies from Iowa for us to break for our kids.

It was a great Christmas! We are lucky to have each other and to spend a lot of time together during this Holiday Season.

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