Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bad Dreams

Not a very positive title, but when Scarlett and I woke up and simultaneously walked out of our bedrooms at the same time this morning she looked nervous. She said she had a bad dream. There was a fire in her room, and she was in there with a lot of "good and bad animals". Poor thing, She didn't have anything else to say about it, but it sounds quite terrible.

I had a dream that my phone's screen shattered. I tried fitting the large thick pieces back together. Dreams feel so real, and can be so realistic when you are in them.  However, when you wake up from a bad one it's quite a relief when you realize just how unrealistic it was.

Both Scarlett and Lincoln would sometimes cry out in the middle of the night when they were newborn/infants. A sad/scared/in pain cry. But it would just be one cry, and while they were in the middle of what seemed to be a deep sleep.

On a brighter note, in this random documenting/journal post....

Tomorrow Scarlett is going to hand out some birthday invitations! She turns 4 on March 3rd. She has had two consistent requests for her party 1. it be an owl theme and 2. she wants a chocolate cake! She also only wants girls at her party. We are going to have it be a "drop off" party, so the parents aren't expected to stay. First time doing that, it will be a fun time!

I always enjoy creating Scarlett and Lincoln's Birthday invites, but I really have no idea what I'm doing! Which creates some frustrating long hours over something that seems so minimal only after it's done.  I can't wait for Seth to be done with his in
ternship, I want to sign up for a photoshop class. Then I can really learn how to work that program!!

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