Friday, February 21, 2014

Other Valentine's holiday fun

Just thought I could post some more Valentine's photos. The kids and I joined the extended family at the annual Valentine's dinner. Seth was counseling up in Salt Lake, we really miss him during fun times like this. 
Scarlett posing with the infamous Waldorf Cake! Yum. 

 Louis & aunt Kara, uncleGarrett & Brooke
 Scarlett with sweet Uncle Devry
 Scarlett posing with our fun Valentine's. candy, animals, temporary tattoos. fun, fun, fun.

 Lincoln will not just sit in a shopping cart anymore, the good days are over.

 Lincoln & Scarlett scored $20 from gma/pa Burke to buy their own Valentine's! Scarlett chose some pink gum and a new princess tea set. Don't we have enough tea sets yet? Is it possible to have too many tea sets?

Lincoln & Scarlett also each got mail from Iowa! Gma and pa Hartley sent some fun coloring pages and cute homemade Valentine's, so thoughtful.

I really love this photo of Lincoln!

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