Sunday, August 14, 2011

All about Miss lately

** This is an extremely boring post. Warning! If you don't care to read about the development of a toddler, its not worth reading this post!! You've been warned. **

Scarlett is just a few weeks away from being 18 months old. Why is that such a big deal!?!

Because she gets to go to NURSERY!!! at church.

We are primary teachers together, but one of us is always on Scarlett duty - which means following her around the halls. Today I took her into nursery for the last 20 minutes to see how she does, and I can tell this will be a very easy transition for her. Scarlett rarely shows signs of separation anxiety. It's one of the pro's to working part time during the week. So I am hoping she will love nursery.

She still isn't very coordinated. No... I don't see a future in sports with this little one. At least, she has a long way to go. She likes to climb on anything, which she's alright at. But she is a bit klutzy. She is quite vocal. It seems likes she's adding words to her vocabulary faster than we can track or be excited about. We talk to her like she can understand everything we say to her, or ask her to do. If she doesn't get it, we'll repeat it or say it in a different way and she usually gets it.

Scarlett's words include:

Bye (bai-bai)
Hello (when she's talking on the telephone)
Thank You (Tink Yuuu)
Juice (Juss)
Uh oh
Baba (milk - bottle, but she drinks from a sippy cup now)
Please (sign)
more (Sign)
Baby (baybee)
Dog (doggie)
Raja or Meow for Cat
I love you (Ieeuuu)
Teeth (Teees)
Eye (like hi)
Daddy and Mommy or mom
Hi dad (hi daaaah - especially on the phone.
Num nums (food)
Banana (nana)
Cracker (kha kha)
cookie (cooookie)
Peek- a- boo (Peeboo)
Shoes (shu shus)
No/Yessss - or she'll shake her head no
Hot dog (ho dog)

She mimics us all the time, but these words she has used w/o mimicking - on her own throughout the day. It's really fun to hear her mimic though. If she's in the right mood she might just try to copy anything.

She's very expression-ate. She'll grunt, sigh, "uuugh", "umph" when she's trying to carry something or open something. It's pretty funny, sometimes she'll even grunt for you if you're opening something for her.

Scarlett finally has the close mouth kiss down. Which actually kind makes me sad. I'll miss the open mouth, plant face on mom's and get her slobbery kisses. She gives Seth more kisses now too. But she has to be in the mood, all on her own time.

She loves her baby doll lately. She'll bring me a baby blanket and her doll for me to wrap it up in. Then Scarlett takes it from me and paces, she even pats the baby to "soothe" it. It's adorable. She loves her accessories too. She's very observant of others accessories. Hats, sunglasses, jewelery, etc. She's such a girl!

She has her favorite drawer in the kitchen. We always find random cooking utensils at any room or space in the apartment. She likes to open her baby wipe containers so she can wash or dust off furniture, the carpet... Raja... etc.

I wish she would be able to fall asleep anywhere other than her crib or car seat, or that she'd stay asleep when we transport her anywhere. But I can't complain... she goes to sleep at 8:30 and generally wakes up between 7:30-9:00. If she wakes up unhappy I'll take milk in for her and she'll go back to sleep after a good drink. You know it will be a good day when she wakes up just talking to herself and is content staying in the crib for a few minutes. Sometimes she is extremely happy and she is jumping up and down like a mad-lady screaming. It's pretty funny.

She has started to interact with movies, she loves Tangled and the Baby Einstein videos a lot more. Ok... I know this is really getting boring now. She's doing great! She's no longer a baby, she's our little girl. It's really fun to be able to talk to her and see her trying to process it all. Often she just jibber jabbers to us, and we're left trying to process it too :)

We love our little Scarlett!

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